When it comes to nutrition, it can be incredibly surprising to see where your relationship with food is dictated by other people’s beliefs. Most likely, you have taken on beliefs that are affecting your relationship with food that aren’t even your own! 

Working with this concept is liberating to say the least. In order to free yourself from the construct of other people’s beliefs, it requires curiosity, openness and the willingness to see your own blindspots. 

Everyone has different nutritional beliefs and when you’re a SENSITIVE person, it’s EASY to internalize other people’s food beliefs as your own. 

Why is that? 

Beliefs have a specific energy to them. When you can sense another person’s beliefs and are responsive to this energy, it is easy to take them on and in as your own. 

Experiencing the energy of a belief can feel similar to experiencing the energy of a judgement. 

Sometimes food beliefs are freakin’ judgy. 

Keep your eye out for a video where I break down the energetic difference between a belief and a judgement. They can often feel similar. 

You're a Prisoner of Other People's Beliefs

So when you experience the energy of a belief that can feel like judgement in your body, it can create discomfort. In order to adjust your own energy and be less uncomfortable in the presence of this energy/belief or judgement, you may accommodate it in your system and ultimately internalize it as your own. 

Why would you ever do this? Well, most likely you’re not aware of yourself doing it. But from my observation and personal experience it happens because adapting to that belief and reorienting your energy is more comfortable than confronting the belief itself and the believer that it came from. 

Having awareness around this process holds a lot of potential to release toxicity in the body. 

So let’s do a little practice around identifying food beliefs:

Guided Exercise:

Picture yourself in bed before you wake up. What’s the first thing you eat or drink? What are some of the thoughts that come to you when you have that coffee or make that first meal? Follow that train of thought.

Identify 5 Food Beliefs

List out 5 food beliefs. These can seem relatively simple or profound, such as

-If I don’t eat breakfast I’m a wreck in the morning

-Bread is bad for me

Before you jump into whether or not this is “true” or if this is “good” or “bad” just straight up identify those beliefs. It may seem hard at first and then you’ll realize how many there likely are. 

Next Step

Get real with yourself and ask this question: Are all of these food beliefs mine? 

Is it possible that some of these beliefs might come from someone else? A family member, a peer, a workplace?

Trace back to the origin of these beliefs. 

Where do these beliefs come from? 


Tell me all about it below in the comments!

Chances are, you and MANY other people share similar food beliefs that are not even your own….

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