In-Person Healing Experiences

One-on-One Sessions
With a strong call to return to hands on work, I have recently resumed my in-person practice!! You can visit me on Bainbridge Island, WA at my rainbow filled healing loft (lots of pendulums hanging in windows!) or in Seattle. My one-on-one session work incorporates a wide variety of tools, both energetic and physical. To learn more about what I do, how it can support you and how to schedule, go here.

Small Group Offerings
Experience the magic in community! Local group offerings are off the hook!! Make sure to check them out.

Virtual Trainings

Want to learn the work? Get trained in the Chakredy® System! This framework is based on the original teaching, The Chakra Assessment, developed by Alexis Saloutos, MS, CN (that's me!). If you'd like to learn more about how Chakredy® came to be, you can read more about my story.

If you're ready to embark on your Chakredy® Journey, learn more about the practitioner trainings and certification program.

Turns out, we're all intuitive. You and only YOU can access your deepest knowing. Chakredy® provides a framework for you to connect with your intuitive compass and deepen into the direction it is constantly guiding you in.

Private Mentoring

Private mentoring is offered at the Chakredy® Studio on Bainbridge Island, WA to help students deepen and expand their mad Chakredy® Skills. These intensives are custom created for you and your learning wishes!

Mentoring intensives are 4 hours in length and include time on the Chakredy® table to experience the work, enchanted forest walks combined with discussion of concepts, light food + drink fare, supervised practice (in-person and remote), loving feedback and guidance.

Prerequisite: Chakredy® Level 1 Training: The Chakra Assessment

Get Chakredy® Certified!

Ready to begin your Chakredy® Journey? The level 1 is now available on-demand!


Barbie Rae Young

"The Chakredy® realm that Alexis has welcomed me to has felt like coming home. With Alexis' grace, guidance and gentle encouragement, I feel like a long lost piece of myself has been recovered. Alexis' depth of knowledge, experience, generosity and authenticiTy is a gift to us all. She is a conduit for deeply magical connections with ourselves and each other, that are enriching our World. The moment I met Alexis and Chakredy® was powerfully life changing and I am eternally humbled and grateful."

Kristen Beeler

"From the first moment that I held my gorgeous pendulum in my hands and embarked upon the first lesson, I was forever transformed. Alexis and the Chakredy® System blow open the doors to an entire energetic communication system that will change the way you support yourself and the way in which you show up in the world. If you are looking for a truly gifted teacher in the field of energetics, self discovery, and connection you will not find a more dialed in and embodied guide than Alexis and her incredible system."

Katlynn Roumeliotis

"The Chakredy® System opened the door to the energetic world for me and has gifted me with a level of guidance, creativity, and intuition that I would never have imagined. This program is grounded and accessible, visual, guided yet interpretive. Not only have I gained applicable skills, it has proved expansive in terms of what I know I can create and provide. Alexis is a true gem and working with her directly is abundant and joyful."

Madeleine Wera-Bussiere

"Alexis is such a gifted teacher and seems to have endless ways to teach us how to connect with the work! She holds such a beautiful, powerful and empowering space for her people. I feel very lucky to be part of it.

Connecting with the work has been powerful since day one but connecting in person at the Chakredy® Intensive was beyond words. For the energy, for the work itself, for the tribe and the connection that I could make there. The magic came true on that special day that I hold tattooed on my heart."

enter the realm.