What are your thoughts on pendulums? 

Having worked with them for years, I can say that I never really resonated with pendulums prior to Chakredy®.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved crystals and I’ve always been drawn to energetic tools but it wasn’t until I held a very special pendulum in my hands that that I experienced a special connection. 

Today I want to speak to something I’ve heard many times, that pendulums function like a crutch.

For me, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I don’t relate to pendulums in the popular sense and wanted to debunk misconceptions around pendulums and the Chakredy® work. 

If you think pendulums are just some boring yes/no predictive tool, think again!! 

Check this video out!

Why My Pendulum is Not a Crutch

I’m so excited to talk with you about why my pendulum is not a crutch. And this is not my only pendulum, I have many, like dozens or hundred. I have lots.

Over the years I have heard people refer to pendulum work as a crutch, like you depend on it, like you can’t trust your intuition because of it. I want to say that is nonsense. It could not be further from the truth for me. Like all things chakredy, i work with these tools in a very unconventional way. I’m not consulting them to predict the future or to tell me what to do and eat. That’s not the way that I relate to these tools and that’s not the way I work with them.

#1 The pendulum is an extension of your awareness
This pendulum functions as an extension of my own awareness AND this particular pendulum connect in with the energy field that I refer to as chakredy. They are created to work with the chakredy field. Essentially, I AM the pendulum and I could do most of the work that I do with the pendulums WITHOUT them BUT it would take me a lot longer and it would not be as clear. My intellect would get a lot more involved in the mix as I use these pendulums as a tool to help me sit back and relax into my intuition and allow the energy to flow. Pendulums help me remain more anchored as an observer!

#2 Not using pendulums in a predictive capacity
I am not asking for my future to be revealed to me or really asking anything that has some type of attachment to outcome or hidden agenda. First because it has never occured to me and it doesn’t resonate. This is probably why I never felt drawn to working with pendulums prior to Chakredy because I thought there were only used to predict outcome instead of a tool to help the energy and intuition flow and to confirm with physical movement what it is that you are picking up on intuitively, what it is you are sensing anyway. I do not use this as a crystal ball to tell me what is happening in my life and what is going to happen.

#3 I’m not dependent
I don’t base every decision in my life off of what my pendulums says. Don’t get me wrong, I use these EVERYDAY, I work with my pendulums all the time but I do not need to connect with my pendulum to make every choice or determine every action. I do not consult my pendulum to tell me what to eat or do. I want to debunk this pendulum myth, that pendulums create dependency because for a girl who has an entire system rooted in pendulum work, I relate to my pendulum as a tool to facilitate a deeper relationship with myself. Which leads me into another point around dependency.

From my perspective, the most dangerous thing that can be used as a crutch is depending upon somebody else to tell you what it is that you are sensing. Nobody else can tell you what your intuition is saying, that’s the work for you to do. Intuition is an inner journey. Pendulums are magical tools that can facilitate clear dialogue and tangible connections with the knowing already inside.

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