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This is a surprisingly intuitive and highly sensitive energy center. When you test as a throat chakra dominant, it is easy for others to see the truth in your response (which may be frustrating for you at times because you feel too transparent).

Your intuitive barometer may reveal itself in the form of voice fluctuations, censoring and shyness. If you begin to pay attention to your response to different people and environments, you will notice that the throat is speaking volumes about what you are really sensing all around.

Are you ready to develop your throat chakra intuition?

I’ve created a chakra specific course to help you tap into the wisdom of the throat chakra!

What’s Included:

  • 6 Module Video Training in Directional Throat Chakra Awareness
  • Charts to help you connect with your energy flow and support directional awareness
  • Journal Prompts to explore your throat chakra intuition