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When you test as solar plexus dominant, you likely perceive the world from your gut. This can be a vulnerability and a strength.

You can walk into a room and immediately feel the energy of your environment and everyone in it (and if you don’t know this is happening, it is critical you become aware of it!).

Anticipating the way others may feel or respond to situations can easily create anxiety for you. When you navigate the world through this lens, you are much more likely to internalize the energy of others. Learning to work with this sensitivity is important to your health.

Are you ready to develop your solar plexus chakra intuition?

I’ve created a chakra specific course to help you tap into the wisdom of the solar plexus chakra!

What’s Included:

  • 6 Module Video Training in Directional Solar Plexus Chakra Awareness
  • Charts to help you connect with your energy flow and support directional awareness
  • Journal Prompts to explore your solar plexus chakra intuition