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Crown Chakra Dominant

The language of signs and synchronicity may be a strong form in which your intuition speaks. One key indicator for crown chakra dominants is that they receive many intuitive confirmations through chills, surges at the crown and goosebumps.

A crown chakra dominant is able to see the light in everything and may have a hard time identifying or working with shadow energy. It is important to acknowledge the spectrum in order to support healthy discernment. This may be an area to intentionally explore and develop your intuitive muscle around.

Are you ready to develop your crown chakra intuition?

I’ve created a chakra specific course to help you tap into the wisdom of the crown chakra!

What’s Included:

  • 6 Module Video Training in Directional Crown Chakra Awareness
  • Charts to help you connect with your energy flow and support directional awareness
  • Journal Prompts to explore your crown chakra intuition