An All Day Immersive Virtual Retreat!



with your highest vision for 2021

How many goals have you set that you've felt like a failure for not meeting? How many times have you felt behind before the New Year even started?

Let's work with the powerful energy of New Year and drop that sense of failure before starting.

First! We'll take the pressure off. Instead of setting goals, we'll create the space for clarity and vision.

Instead of holding the vision solely in your mind, you will activate the energetics of this vision in your body, attune yourself to the frequency of this vision across the energy centers and develop the ability to maintain alignment with this vision throughout the year.

This is the year to orient yourself from the INSIDE-OUT. To know your north node and be able to adapt and reorient yourself to it, no matter the situation or circumstance. Attune yourself inwardly to the vision, adapt outwardly to what life presents. Stay fluid, present and connected with this vision. Only YOU can do this for yourself.

This is a practice.

So we will be gathering to connect with our visions, magnetize our intentions and develop sustainable energetic practices to keep us aligned with this vision throughout 2021 (and beyond)!

Teachings to support your energetic alignment with your highest vision

Experience energetic activations and the healing power of sound

Work with the medicine of dreams and body based resonance (intuition) to remember and reclaim wholeness .

Connect with the awareness and energetic tools to orient yourself from the inside-out. Embodiment.


Sunday January 17, 2021 10:00 am PST - 5:00 pm PST
*Schedule + content subject to change

10:00-11:30 Dream Visioning with Alexis + Karolyn McKinley

Identifying True Desires
Dream Visioning
Activating Synchronicity

11:30-12:30 Yoga with Jen Breen: Anchoring Your Vision into the Body

Establish a 20 minute movement practice to open channels of energy
Devote yourself to inner alignment
Physical body supports energy body

Break + Integrate

1:00-2:00 pm 2021 Energy Wheel + Orienting Yourself Across the Chakras with Alexis

Create Your 2021 Energy Wheel
Directionality across energy centers
identifying dominance
Dynamic balance

2:00-3:00 pm Nature Connection + Crystal Allies with Mishabae Mahoney

The wisdom of minerals
Dialogue with nature
Frequency support systems


3:00-3:45 Energetic Strategy + Implementation with Alexis

Identifying energetic challenges
Interpreting energetic information
Reorienting for agility and stability

Bringing it all together
Closing shares and questions
Finalizing containers for 2021


4:00-5:00- Anchoring in Higher Frequencies with Sound + Sound Bath with Molly Knight Forde

Sound Bath Ceremony: Sound for Activation, Attunment + Alignment



Intellect vs. Intuition:

How to know which is which NOW!

My Official Bio

Alexis Saloutos is the founder of Chakredy® and Nutrition Energetics®, both original teachings where she trains and certifies practitioners internationally. 

She bridges the gap between intellect and intuition by teaching the body based language of energetics. Alexis provides the structure, vocabulary and context to show people their innate capacity to articulate subtleties. When you can identify what you're experiencing, you can discern resonance from dissonance and orient yourself from the inside out.

Alexis is a Certified Nutritionist with a Masters in Nutrition from Bastyr University.



Certified as a nutritionist with a decade long personal training career, I’ve been schooled in a profession obsessed with results. With an ability to recognize patterns and observe shifts, I’ve always sought a way to quantify progress without turning to scales and calories.

The Chakredy® System is a surprise gift I received from the universe. After years of working with a very special crystal pendulum, I recognized patterns, connecting various pendulum movements with energetic impressions along the chakras.

Four very specific presentations became apparent. These presentations led me to identify and prioritize energetic imbalances within the chakra and organ energies. By connecting these priority points, I observed dramatic and quantifiable energetic shifts. It was reproducible. I began training others.