Intuition Bootcamp

Virtual Program

Intuition is tangible!

In this 8 module virtual course (available to you right this second!), I will teach you how to develop your inherent intuitive abilities, using the chakra system as a guiding framework. Each chakra is intuitive and we cover intuitive indicators associated with each.

This program will help you establish a context to place your intuitive impressions so that you can build your intuitive vocabulary. It is empowering to have the ability to articulate and communicate what you sense. You and ONLY you can access your deepest knowing!

All levels welcome! You can be a professional intuitive or a complete newbie to take this course. This course has a fun, original and tangible edge to working with intuition.

Pendulum Masterclass

Virtual Program

Bridge the seen with the unseen!

This is a 3 module course that will help you establish a strong foundation in working with pendulums. While it is not a training in the Chakredy® System, it will teach you how to connect with energy and pendulums in a way that facilitates clear dialogue with your higher self.

This is a great course for total energy newbies!

Level 1: Chakra Assessment Training

Virtual Training
Training is automated for 2018
Live Round June 25, 2018

Ready to begin your Chakredy® Journey? The Chakra Assessment is the core teaching of the Chakredy® System. It is now available on-demand!

Our energy has the ability to reveal how we are relating to both our internal and external environments at all times. We tend to be so overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of information, that we disconnect from this inherent wisdom. Learn how to identify and prioritize energetic imbalances with the Chakredy® System!

Duration: 4 Week Training
No prior experience required
*Your pendulum will ship within 48 hours

Level 2: Practitioner Immersion + Certification

Virtual Training
Level 2 is automated for 2018

In this 8 week energetic immersion, you will discover subtleties within the four chakra presentations, connect with the organ energies, Chakredy® Healing Grids and adventure through concepts that relate to each of the 7 chakras.

Pendulum: Assessment Pendulum (from Chakra Assessment Training)
Prerequisites: Level 1 Training

Level 3: Advanced Practitioner Training + Certification

Virtual Training
Live Round April 23, 2018

This is an in depth training that requires completion of both level 1 and 2 Chakredy® work. In this program we work with the clearing and healing pendulums. This training focuses on interferences, clearing, circuit work, recalibration, activation and repatterning. It is unlike any other training around, truly exciting, magical and intense. This is for the Chakredy® diehards, willing to be worked and do the work.

Duration: 4 Months
Pendulums: 1 Clearing Pendulum + 1 Healing Pendulum
Prerequisites: Level 1 + 2 Training and acceptance through application

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