Today I’m sharing my perspective on one of the most common questions I get from new Chakredy® Students.

Do I need verbal permission to do energy work?

This is a great question and you might be surprised by my response.

The topic of verbal permission opens up a much deeper conversation around energy ethics and invites us to get in clear dialogue with the ego.

If you’ve wondered about this yourself, check out some of what this question highlights in the video.

Verbal Permission in Energy Work: Why It’s Not Everything It’s Cut Out To Be

One of the most common questions I get from new students in the Chakredy® trainings, is do I need to have verbal permission to work with someone else’s energy?

This is a great question and I don’t perceive the answer as a plain yes or no.

I will say that I’ve seen people get hung up on verbal permission like it’s the end all be all in energy work. Permission is important BUT I see it being rooted in energy ethics

Being ethical in the energy is not as simple as just getting verbal permission and then going and doing whatever you want. To me, this way oversimplifies energy work and the integrity of energy healing practitioners.

My response to whether or not you need verbal permission to work with someone else’s energy is, IT DEPENDS.

For energetic assessments (using the chakredy work as an example), we are looking at how a person’s energy presents. This provides a snapshot of the energy and does not involve DOING anything TO the energy, In this case, I do not feel verbal permission is required in all cases.

I do think verbal permission can be helpful because it has the potential to create space for powerful conversations and of course, healing. However, if you are planning to do energy work on a person where there is any type of altering a person’s energy, this more likely warrants verbal permission. When I say “alter” I mean doing something intentionally to change something in another person’s energy, which includes adding to, taking away or adjusting aka healings, activations, removal of anything (which I don’t totally support this in the popular sense anyway) and clearings

So let’s talk about another layer of this.

Let’s say you get verbal permission but you don’t actually get energetic permission.
In the Chakredy work, we use pendulums to reveal whether we are connected with another person’s energy or not. Although it is rare, a person may provide verbal permission but then the person’s energy is not open to receiving any type of energy work. If that’s the case, it means that session is a no-go. I believe this must be honored. If the person’s energy is not ready for the energy work, that is that. You can explore what that is all about with the person but overriding this will not get anyone anywhere.

As a general rule, most people are open to experiencing healing energy (I mean…..of course they are) and I’m talking the person’s higher self not ego receptivity. It is more rare that I encounter someone who is energetically not open to receiving an assessment or energy work.

Here’s the thing. Permission to work with another person is tied in with where you are coming from and the true place of where you desire to connect, assess or DO/HEAL is coming from. Ok, so time to get super honest with yourself. If you are asking yourself if you have permission from someone who you don’t feel comfortable asking verbal permission from or aren’t in a position to do that, I want you to ask yourself these things:

Helpful things to look at:
What is your true intention?
Are you clear in your own energy?
Do you feel you are attached to the outcome or information that connecting with this person’s energy?

Is your desire to do something coming from a place of fear? (be super, honest-just with yourself, you don’t have to report back to me about it and the energy police will not come after you, I promise).

If you are being motivated by fear, lack, insecurity, envy, anger this does not make you a bad person. it is, however, very important to recognize this So check in with yourself an ask yourself where that is coming from.

We are all on an inner journey with important work to do. We all move through the spectrum of energy and emotion. Being in direct communication with our shadow is the best way to embody an ethical energy practice. Getting to know all parts of ourselves in healing and empowering.

To the deep stuff,

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