At times, you may find that your energy presents as ungrounded. When you are not grounded, your energy is not embodied, meaning it’s not in your physical body. In other words, you are not inhabiting your physical body fully. And it is critical to fully embody your physical form when you want to have clear boundaries and stay centered in yourself.

Learning how to be in your body is one of the most important things you can do to support your energy. This goes for your personal energy as well as supporting the energy of those around you—to stand clearly in collective energy.

Embodying your energy is a powerful concept and practice to work with. It requires effort and bandwidth to connect with energetics and bring your awareness to really sit with these dynamics, many of which are happening at the same time.

I come from the space of feeling like this is fun, and I want to help you become enthusiastic about working with energy too. It's empowering and it changes everything—a bigtime game changer!

Grounded and Ungrounded Presentations

When you're grounded, your energy is in your physical body. You feel a greater sense of calm, ease, and fluidity. You are able to come into contact with things, you can bounce back from challenges, and you feel centered in yourself.

This is because when you’ve embodied your energy in your own physical body, you have great protections around you. It’s why you don't get depleted as easily and you're able to be much more clear in yourself.

On the other hand, when you’re not grounded, it is much more challenging to rebound from external circumstances that may feel like they could trigger you or deplete you.

Over the years, I've observed that there are three very common ungrounded presentations. By bringing awareness to each, we can begin to practice working with energy to get more grounded, which is where we can heal.

  1. Mental Presentation: This is where you get stuck in your head, feeling like your energy is stuck or fixated at the front of the head.

There can be a very busy, buzzing, fixed-pointed energy that may surface for you at the third eye. Or it could present as more of a disruptive, chaotic scrambling noise—thought loops that keep you busy and stuck in the head.

  1. Projection Presentation: This is where your energy projects forward and dominates at the front of you. You may notice your body actually start to gravitate towards somebody and lean into them, or lean into the computer screen, as if you are getting pulled forward.

If you get triggered by something, you might notice that your energy starts to get really charged, like you want to just toss a charged ball of energy at the person in front of you and project onto them.

You may feel like you are way forward, actually in the other person's field—up in somebody else's energetic field in business, so much so that it's really hard for you to start to connect with bringing your energy back.

  1. Hover Presentation: This is very common in the energy world. If you are hovering, your energy will tend to rise up or snap up. Maybe you get triggered by something and you can almost feel this upward snapping happen through the chakras and then all of a sudden, you pop out of your body—and wow, you are not in there.

    This can even be experienced as if you're hovering, like looking down at yourself, because your energy is so far above you. You may find yourself in the hover state when you feel like you're just out there with your head in the clouds, really spacey and scattered.

    If you find yourself in a chronic state of hovering, it could be because you're leaving your body open for opportunistic energy to come through. I’ve also observed over the years that people who are struggling with chronic pain and chronic illness will oftentimes relate to a hover presentation because it's just so uncomfortable to be in the physical body.


Before even going into how to work with and redirect energy, simply identifying that you are in an ungrounded presentation is one of the most powerful things you can do. See if that is something that connects for you, and notice your energy stuck in your head, projecting forward, or hovering. Does it happen with certain people, circumstances, or environments?

When your energy is ungrounded, it is not embodied at the other parts of you. So you want to practice bringing your energy down, back, or in by instructing your energy to move. It could be upward and through the crown to connect to source energy. It could be to infuse your entire physical body with your conscious awareness all the way down through the feet and connecting into the earth. You can bring some energy into relationship with the third eye and the crown chakra.

People who tend to hover oftentimes struggle with connecting down into the earth. So use this to your advantage that you have a natural affinity to that upward movement and start to ground yourself by bringing your energy down through the crown.

Practice calling our energy back into our body and get dialed into earth elements and earth energy.

If you can, work with bringing your awareness to your physical body by simply placing your hands over your heart and breathing into that part of your body. You can begin at the crown of the head and go over the third eye, the throat, and the heart. Start to go down the chakra line to call your energy back into your body, breathe into these parts of your body, and start to work down that line of energy.

I hope that this is helpful information.


I would love to know which ungrounded presentation you tend towards most.

Are you often stuck in your head? Do you tend to project forward or into other people? Have you found yourself hovering? And do you have a hard time feeling embodied?

Ungrounded Presentations of Energy

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