Our intuition speaks in many ways. SO many ways.

A lot of the time we don’t realize the things we’re experiencing are actually intuitive signals.

It’s fun to break it down by chakra. So today we work with the root.

One way the root chakra may be talking is through this thing I call the body pop.

What is the body pop all about?

Check out this week’s video to learn more about it!

Underrecognized Psychic Skill #1: The Body Pop

Do you ever get caught up in intuitive comparison? Have you told yourself your intuition isn’t as clear or as good as someone else’s?

Be honest!

I have, big time.

I used to judge myself so hard for not seeing auras or hearing guides. I expected information to come through in ways it did for other people. I wanted it to follow an established formula. I wanted a clear vision and a clear voice…..

In this video I want to share with you 1 way that you may be experiencing psychic information via an underrecognized route:

And that is… You pop out of your body!

One way that your intuition may be flagging you is through showing you when you ARE and ARE NOT grounded in your physical body. If you walk into a place and immediately you realize you are not in your body and you are hovering (check out my post on hovering) this is an intuitive indicator. This is actually a psychic marker that something is off either in your own energy and the way you are responding to something, an exchange that you are part of, or an environment that is just really testing you.

Please know that when these things happen it’s not because another person has horrible energy (ok sometimes it can be this) or your surroundings are just SO toxic (well, sometimes this is true). BUT I want to emphasize that all of these markers help to illustrate ways in which you can develop your own awareness and intuitive skills and when you begin working with them. They are in fact psychic markers. YES, they are.

To reeling it in,