Can you believe that not speaking up or not speaking out is actually a way in which your intuition is speaking to you?

Withholding is an energetic dynamic of holding back at the throat chakra, and it includes different energetic qualities that are associated with not speaking, including retraction. Withholding and not speaking involves a pulling back at the throat chakra. 

 When you connect in with the throat chakra and connect in with the inability to give language to what you want to say or the inability to move energy out through the vehicle of your voice, you can see what the back of this energy center has to reveal to you.

 When you are retracting energy, you may be able to connect in with some specific sensations, such as a focusing of energy at the back of the throat. This can manifest in the physical body as tension, tightness, or even pain and discomfort at this part of your body. 

 Take a moment to connect in and see if you can get really specific in yourself around what surfaces for you when you feel your energy retracting at the throat. Next, think of a circumstance or a situation where you really wanted to communicate something, but you felt like you just couldn't say what you wanted to say, for any number of reasons. 

 If you connect in with that, you can connect with exactly where it happens in that process? Do you feel energy start to move forward, and then put a block on it and pull it back? What is the specific dynamic that you experience there? 

 When you desperately want to say something out loud, and yet you withhold that information, and you don't speak instead — what happens? 

 If you can connect in with a specific experience where you've done that, how does it end up playing out? How does it end up unfolding? Do you see that you eventually end up saying something, but maybe it's in a harsher way or it comes out in the form of lashing out? 

 Oftentimes, when we withhold what wants to be communicated or expressed, it ends up coming out in a burst or it ends up being stifled and stuffed down. 

 Just in noticing what happens on an energetic level, you provide space and awareness for a shift. 

Throat Chakra Not Speaking : Retraction

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