The perception of being a good listener is an energetic quality of not speaking. Oftentimes, if you are residing primarily at the back of the throat chakra in this imbalanced presentation of not speaking, you may actually be perceived by many people around you as a good listener. 


On the contrary, you may be listening as a way to hide your own truth. You could be stopping yourself from speaking to protect yourself from having to come out and say things that you fear rejection around or just simply do not want to bring to life. 


The throat chakra is often the most intimidating energy center to work with. This is because it is the point of exchange through which we bring the innermost parts of ourselves out into the world. There is an incredible vulnerability around that, especially when you feel like you have something that hasn't fully formed within you. It could be a creation or inspiration for some type of idea that you are nurturing and wanting to bring to life. 


If you can, connect in with a time where you shared an idea, or some type of creative endeavor really early when it wasn't fully formed within you, and you received some type of judgment or criticism around it. 


Sometimes we need to fully incubate things within ourselves before we bring them to the outside world. That being said, it's also incredibly important to our health and vitality to move energy from within us to the outside. 


There can be an interesting dynamic that happens at the throat, where there is a tendency to withhold information or truths within you, from the outside world. And while this can be uncomfortable to explore, it's a very powerful part of yourself and your energy to tap into and accelerate your personal healing process. 


I invite you to connect in with times in your life when you hung back in your energy, in more of a retracted way — not in a relaxed, observing way of listening. You observe, but you’re too afraid to say what I want to say. So you listen to everybody else talk and share instead. Instead of talking and sharing, you listen and you’re perceived as a good listener.

Can you identify the energy beneath that? Can you identify a particular fear that you associate with that retraction of the throat? And with this process of not speaking out of fear of what it could possibly be for you? 


See for yourself that there's a difference between listening because you are feeling called to do so versus choosing to listen over speaking, out of fear. The more specific you can get, the more this directs energy intention and flow to a particular area. It helps to free the throat chakra when we're able to dive into deeper spaces. 

Throat Chakra Not Speaking : Perception of Being a Good Listener

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