Hiding is an energetic quality at the throat chakra of withholding or not speaking. When you hide, pull back, or withhold at the throat chakra, it can be a way in which fear of visibility translates. You may not be showing up in the world through this vehicle of the throat chakra and may be tense at the back of the center. 

Take some time to connect in with a fear of visibility or a time where you really didn't want to be visible. 

Did you really want to hide? What was that like in your body? Can you identify specific sensations in your body? 

I know for me, I can connect in with a pulling back, and a desire to almost shrink. I can think of examples in school, growing up, being a teenager, and not wanting to be called on in a particular class because I didn't feel like I had the right answer. So I would do my best to pull my energy back and would think, if the teacher just couldn't see me, then maybe that would work out well. 

But I always felt like somehow my energy had this way of flagging a teacher when I didn't have the answer, as if it were obvious. I felt trapped and frustrated. 

This is one of the ways in which the throat chakra works. I found over time that throat chakra intuition— when you are highly sensitive at this energy center—transparency is something that you may experience, because other people may have an easier time reading your energy or seeing through you at this part of your energy body

It feels uncomfortable to be exposed, but sometimes there is beauty to it. When you are transparent, you can see your intentions and so much beauty. Yet we also want to cultivate the ways in which we can create boundaries so that not everything is leaking out. 

The second and fifth chakra are very deeply connected. I'm learning how to create energetic boundaries, and there is a lot to work with. I connect boundaries in with the sacral or second chakra, and transparency with the fifth or throat chakra. 

See if you can connect in with any ways in which you have tried to hide energetically at the throat and how has that worked out for you. What can you connect in with that? Are there particular patterns that you notice for yourself? Particular people that you try to energetically hide from? Where is it hard for you to show up and be transparent in certain aspects of your life? 

This is just one energetic quality that makes up a more comprehensive picture of the intuitive indicator of not speaking at the throat chakra. Explore my other content for more helpful information. 

Throat Chakra Not Speaking : Hiding

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