One way your throat chakra is intuitive is through the act of mirroring. Have you ever noticed yourself mirroring another person, meaning that you alter what it is that you say in order to try and match that other person's energy?

There are some very specific energetic qualities of this dynamic, and once you know about them, you can begin to recognize what you are doing in your own energy and what that means. 

Once you have some awareness of mirroring, you have the ability, and you create the space to be an observer in your experience. By becoming an observer, you can shift the way that you respond to specific environments and specific interactions. It gives you a lot of information and insight to support being empowered and more energetically aware. And managing energy is a huge deal.

One energetic quality specific to mirroring is putting up a wall to block another person's energy from reading yours. You may be able to look back on a certain conversation and see where you've done this in the past. It’s an interesting dynamic.

When you mirror another person, you are not actually staying in your truth. When you mirror another person, your energy is projecting into that person so that what you say and how you act is based on that particular person, dynamic circumstance, environment, social media platform, etc.

When you project into another person's energy and you set up this barrier, it may feel obvious to you or it can feel very subtle. 

Mirroring can oftentimes come from a place of rising up, initiated out of a mechanism for safety or survival response. A wall comes up from a lower part of your energy to protect your throat. Your energy is seeking to prevent another person from going in and seeing exactly what it is that you are holding at the energy center. 

Learning about this is not meant to instill fear, create concern, or make you feel bad around what’s happening in your energy. The intention is to help you connect with different pieces of energetic dynamics so that you can respond in a way that feels most supportive. 

Having awareness around it means when you feel this wall go up, it may form in a different way. What usually goes up as a protection mechanism to shield you from another person, could become a different response. 

It is essential to support, nurture, and protect your energy. But there is a difference between energetic protection and energetic shutdown, disconnect, and shielding. 

In order to support sustainable practices, I would invite you to notice this default, block, and barrier and see if you anchor into truth at the center. 

Does that shift the way in which you respond? Does it create a buffer? Does it create space for you so that you can respond differently, from a place of truth? Are you able to respond without anticipating how somebody else is going to respond to you? 

The ideal outcome is to begin showing up and sharing from a place of authenticity at the throat chakra level. 

Throat Chakra: Mirroring - Wall (Part 2)

In order to shift energetic dynamics that hinder you, you must first identify the dynamic. When you direct your awareness to these dynamics, healing shifts take place.

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