When examining the energetic dynamics of the throat chakra, the act of mirroring is when you alter what you say in order to try and reflect another person's energy.

By breaking down some of the steps involved in the mirroring process at the throat chakra, you can begin to understand a very specific energetic quality to mirroring, called matching. 

When you attempt to mirror another person — meaning that you alter how you express or voice what is true for you — you also alter how you use your voice and how you communicate based on what you anticipate the other person will be receptive to. 

From my perspective and based on the Chakredy framework, when you do this, it is a marker of throat chakra intuition. One of the energetic qualities of mirroring is altering how you present yourself and how you speak so that it can match another person. 

One way to describe this dynamic is that if you were to have one person who is speaking, and what this person is saying is resonating at a particular frequency, maybe what you want to share is on a different frequency. 

You’ve heard of being on the same wavelength. Well, let's say that you're not on that same wavelength, but out of some other origin — either an emotionally driven or thought driven response — and you shift the way that you are going to show up, speak, and express yourself based on where this person is. So then you shift to match that person. 

Matching is a specific dynamic that is a particular aspect of the mirroring dynamic. It does not hold you to being centered in your truth because you are altering how you are showing up and altering what you're saying. How you're communicating is based on something outside of you.

Throat Chakra: Mirroring - Match (Part 3)

In order to shift energetic dynamics that hinder you, you must first identify the dynamic. When you direct your awareness to these dynamics, healing shifts take place.

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