The energetic dynamic of mirroring at the throat chakra level can be a way in which the throat chakra is communicating to you intuitively. It’s essentially a signal, that you can think of as a red flag, to show you that there is something to pay attention to — that your throat chakra is reacting to either what you're picking up inside of you or responding to your external environment, a particular person, or a circumstance. 

I've written about the dynamics of putting up an energetic wall and anticipating how somebody else may resonate with what you have to express from the throat chakra. Now I want to share another energetic quality that is tied in with mirroring — impulsive decision making. 

When you are operating from the place of an imbalanced expression of the throat chakra, it means that you are not centered and anchored into the center of the throat. More specifically, you're not centered and anchored into the energy of truth at the throat, so you may be getting pulled in different directions.

With mirroring, you are pulled at the front of this energy center. So when you start to see that you're responding from a place that is not actually centered and grounded at the throat level, this can help you begin to see when to pull your energy back, pause, take a breath, and notice what is happening. 

When you notice what’s happening, you can make choices based on that information, which provides the space to choose something different and to respond in a way that may be more sustainable and more energetically supportive. 

Impulsive decision making can be tied in with this quality of mirroring at the throat because mirroring is a response to another person's energy. If you feel like you need to match another person's energy and almost be like a chameleon to make sure nobody ever criticizes or judges you, you may go about your life shapeshifting and molding yourself to be okay with each person that you come into contact with. 

This can be a survival skill, so there is a place for that. And it can also be incredibly depleting long term. 

Mirroring prevents you from really being embodied at the energy center of the throat. I teach about these different dynamics so you can then develop the awareness, which can make a powerful difference. 

You can shift your own energy to have the awareness — of what your own energy is doing, how it's responding to others, and how it's responding to your environment. 

Notice when you feel like you need to make an impulsive decision when you're in communication with another person. An example of an impulsive decision would be just blurting something out that you feel like you have to say in order to match that person's energy. There's an impulsive reaction to the person that you are engaged with. 

If somebody is on a particular wavelength and it’s a different wavelength from you, you can perceive that from the throat chakra level. It might make you a little uncomfortable if your tendency is to project in a way so that you can actually protect yourself with mirroring. So when you can sense that somebody is on a different wavelength from you, pay attention to what you do.

Do you blurt something out to try to come into a similar resonance of where the person is? Is there something that almost comes out of you that doesn't even really feel true for you? (Like, why did I say that?) It may even feel as if it’s been pulled or suctioned out of you. 

Pay attention to those subtleties because this is your throat chakra communicating with you. This is your throat chakra showing you that your energy is shifting based on what you're coming into contact with. When you start to notice that for what it is, it's incredibly empowering because you can start to see where you are taken away from your center at the throat chakra level. 


Throat Chakra Mirroring Impulsive Decision Making

In order to shift energetic dynamics that hinder you, you must first identify the dynamic. When you direct your awareness to these dynamics, healing shifts take place.

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