Do you ever find yourself sharing TMI? Maybe you don’t mean to, but you overshare and then regret saying too much when it’s too late. Interestingly, this can be caused by an energetic quality of throat chakra intuition—a kind of tongue-tie experience.

Oversharing may actually be an intuitive indicator. It can be one of the ways in which you might be experiencing a tongue tie or chaotic energy at the throat.

You may have noticed that in particular dynamics, you tend to get into this chaotic space at the throat chakra, and then you just blurt something out. It's not an interruption; it's an overshare. It's something that just comes out of you.

Maybe you feel like you don't even have control over it. Or maybe you have the awareness and you're doing it anyway. And you may even observe yourself thinking, ‘I really don't want to share this but I'm just going to share it anyway.’

See if you can connect with times in particular dynamics, particular circumstances, around particular people, or in particular environments where you find yourself oversharing.

Now, I have two questions for you:

  • Are you oversharing to fill space?
  • Or do you feel like you're oversharing because something is almost energetically pulled out of you?

It can be a very fascinating dynamic to observe and to connect with.

The more that you begin to see that exchange — your energy, your attention, and your awareness — then you have the ability to shift it.

So if you’re oversharing TMI, it’s something you can look back on in hindsight, and you can see that you've done it. Then you feel awkward about it later because you didn't actually want to share the thing that you said.

The more you can bring your awareness into what's happening in your own energy, the more you can impact here and now.

Having more awareness means not having to look back on something, feeling really uncomfortable about oversharing, or what you felt was oversharing. You can bring that awareness into the present time so that you give yourself the buffer to notice what's going on. Then you can shift the way that you choose to participate in the dynamic.

If this is something that you have experienced, I'm excited to see how this resonates with you...

Where can you place this within your circumstances? Where do you notice this happening? Can you get more specific about the energetic exchange that takes place?

Throat Chakra Tongue Tie and Oversharing TMI

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