Do you ever experience imposter syndrome, meaning you doubt your skills, knowledge, or abilities so much that you’re afraid you will be exposed as a fraud? This could be due to an energetic quality of your throat chakra intuition.

Imposter syndrome is something that I tie in with the tongue-tie, voice fluctuation type of energy at the throat. It's a chaotic energy that can be a little hyperactive at times.

If you ever feel like imposter syndrome energy pops up for you, when does that happen? When do you feel like you're going to get found out for something? Maybe you believe somebody is going to realize that you've no idea what you're actually talking about, even if it's something that you've been working with for years?

I know that this has surfaced for me over the course of my career and in various areas. I can think of so many different times in my life where I've had it surface, with different people, and In particular environments.

And I’ve observed that it can be one way in which our throat chakra is highlighting something. If I'm finding myself in this imposter syndrome space and afraid that I'm going to be found out for not really knowing what I'm talking about, I feel it.

For example, I'm teaching intuition, but what if people think I don't really know what I'm talking about? After all, I'm not a quantum physicist. I can't really describe the dynamics that are taking place with the knowledge and the ability that some people would consider credible.

There are so many ways in which these feelings can surface.

Rather than going into the space of wondering what it means to feel imposter syndrome, you can follow the energy of it and simply notice when it surfaces, what it highlights. It's like signaling your body to pay attention.

Typically, intuition speaks in a way where there is a dissonance—where something is not fully resonating. It's easier to pay attention to the things that are being highlighted as a dissonance than it is when you are in complete resonance with something. This is one powerful way to follow the flow of your intuition.

When you are developing your intuitive abilities, beginning to pay attention to the subtleties of dissonance is really helpful.

This is part of the way in which resonance and guidance begin to strengthen and become clear. It’s through seeing the ways in which the shadow parts of ourselves and the various aspects of our environment may not be in complete alignment and resonance.

So, where is it that you have experienced imposter syndrome before? Where is it that you may have felt like you're going to get found out for something?

Can you place it with somewhere earlier in your childhood where you were shamed or ridiculed for expressing yourself in a certain way? Whatever it is, just follow that thread and see where it leads you. See if you feel inspired.

Imposter Syndrome as Throat Chakra Tongue Tie

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