Understanding throat chakra reactions helps to inform us of what our energy does. In my observation, the more energetically aware we become, the more empowered we are to shift our response to what is happening within ourselves and what is happening outside of us in our circumstances, environments, and dynamics that involve others.

Understanding throat chakra dynamics can offer insight into behaviors that we struggle to understand.

For example, if you ever find yourself hesitating to put yourself out there—your ideas, opinions, voice—you may find yourself making excuses. A common excuse is to be slow about it, claiming that you need more time before you can speak out.

Being slow moving when it comes to putting yourself out there is an energetic quality of the throat chakra that is a form of withholding or not speaking. More specifically, slow moving in this regard is used as an excuse with multiple energetic qualities and intuitive indicators that prevent you from speaking up and being heard—various dynamics that are not simply black or white but shift from one part of the spectrum to the other.

To be clear, taking your time is not necessarily negative. You might take your time with something to allow yourself to arrive at personal truth or clarity in order to move forward. But making excuses for yourself and being super slow to put yourself out there happens because you are afraid.

Learning how to manage your energy is one of the most empowering things that you can do for yourself. And this is not just for people who are working with energy or have a simple curiosity about intuitive development. This is really for every human being on the planet so that you are not just depleted or anxious or living in a state of survival and fear.

It’s important that we learn how to anchor within ourselves, so that whatever presents, we can more easily navigate the turbulent times in our lives, from a place of grounded and centered place.

For example, there are many people in my life who will share creative ideas, such as an inspiration to start a particular project within a business. But it takes them years and years to actually bring it to light and share it with the world. There's always something that seems too challenging for them to move forward.

In whatever we feel called to share with the world, it is up to us to recognize whether we are working in divine timing, going with the flow, or working with more intentional directed energy.

Some things are meant to be let go of and some simply require more focus to move forward. Because everything really asks us to be a mediator within our experience. There's a dynamic between push and pull. It's not about forcing but it's also not about just letting everything go and not doing anything at all.

So how can you become invested in these dynamics? How can you be more curious about the way in which you interact with your environment?

I would encourage you to sit with something that creates a sense of excitement for you, but also a sense of anxiety or a bit of fear.

I'll offer a personal example to illustrate what I mean...

I was thinking about applying to publicly speak about intuition at a particular event. And when I think about doing that, I get really excited. But there's also a part of me that gets a little bit nervous about what it would look like and how I would do it.

Years ago, the part of me that gets anxious would have been the part of me that would have probably gotten more of my attention.

The part of me that was really excited would have allowed some excuses to come into play—interference to prevent me from taking the action to apply to speak, craft a proposal, and create the content.

So you can see how when you create stories or excuses for yourself, this can be you interfering with your own ability to get out there in the world.

Now I encourage you to connect with something that you really want to do. But then when you think about the steps involved that it would take to put yourself out there to do it, maybe something scares you. So you drop that idea or you just don't move through the step that helps you to move through the fear.

We are all going to experience fear. This is not about being fearless. This is about being with the fear, seeing it for what it is, and choosing to move through it anyway.

I hope that these energetic qualities of the throat chakra help you to connect with the wisdom and the insight that the throat chakra and throat chakra intuition has to offer you.

There are so many ways in which it speaks. So pay attention to sensation. Pay attention to the subtle intuitive impressions that come through this energy center for you. And always take the time to listen to what it is that your body has to share.

You are so wise and you are so guided.

Throat Chakra and Slow Moving Excuses for not Speaking

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