What is Chakredy®?

Chakredy® is a quantum healing intelligence that encompasses a robust energetic framework. It provides the structure, context and vocabulary to make energetics and intuition tangible. Pendulums are specific to various arms and levels of the work. As physical tools, the pendulums reveal energetic presentations through movement. The pendulums also function to bring through directed healing frequencies.

Chakredy® officially formed in 2014 through the original teaching of The Chakra Assessment. It has now expanded into four levels of Chakredy® Practitioner Training and two levels of the Nutrition Energetics® Practitioner Trainings. Alexis Saloutos, MS, CN is the Founder of Chakredy® and does her best to keep up with this ever evolving, massive treasure chest of information.


We all perceive energy differently. Identify your primary intuitive chakra within seconds.
Put your intuition to work STAT!



You are your greatest guide. All information and insight is accessible within you. Chakredy® provides the map to access and navigate this information. Establishing a clear context to connect with energetic concepts and dynamics is essential to managing your energy. Energy is managed through awareness. Awareness is everything. Where you direct and invest your consciousness, you create reality. That is how powerful you are. It is up to you to put in the effort and immerse yourself in the work.
Chakredy® is based on working from the outside in, grounding everything in the physical body first. In order to expand we must go inward.

The Language of Intuition

Intuition speaks through your energy centers, field and physical body using the language of sensations and impressions.
We are trained to orient ourselves from the outside in which leads to confusion and total disorientation. Chakredy® will help you reframe and retrain yourself to orient from the inside out. Intuition speaks through specific indicators and these indicators are associated with different chakras. When you learn the language of your intuition, you learn how to identify body based Truth through resonance. This is the most important language to establish fluency in.

Ready for the unconventional?

First, I'd like to share with you how I relate to pendulums. These are NOT your typical pendulums and I'm going to give you 8 reasons why.

If you’ve been on the pendulum track, thinking that pendulums are unreliable predictive tools or have had an unfulfilling experience with pendulums in the past, I invite you to check this video out.

Learn why these sparkly tools stand out from the rest.

Pendulums are often associated with being lame yes/no predictive tools.

I've heard people talk about them as if they cripple intuitive abilities and create dependency.

For me, these associations could not be further from my own pendulum truth (as I’ve addressed before in the video titled why my pendulum is not a crutch).

Today I want to talk about why pendulums. Specifically, why Chakredy® pendulums?

Here are a few things that set this pendulum work apart:

1. Different pendulums do different things.

The level 1+2 training works with an assessment pendulum. This is the go-to worker bee that helps to identify and prioritize energetic imbalances within the chakra system and organ energies. In the level 3 advanced work, the clearing pendulum addresses interferences and supports energy clearing and what’s termed “circuit” work. We also use a gorgeous, very special, vary magical healing pendulum that supports container creation and energetic repatterning.

2. They’re Chakredy® field specific.

These babies are intentionally created and attuned to work within the Chakredy® field of assessment and healing. Think of it like speaking a consistent pendulum language. The pendulums are extensions of the Chakredy® field and bridge this wisdom with the higher consciousness of the person directly engaging with the field.

3. Different Movements mean different things.

Over the years, specific pendulum movements have been revealed to communicate specific things in the energy. For example, there are 4 core presentations within the chakra assessment, the pendulum will move in one of these four specific ways to communicate how the energy is presenting within that center.

4. They’re built to work.

These pendulums are built to work hard. They have been handcrafted to be held comfortably, optimize energy flow with their magnificent hand hammered copper tops and move with fluidity and ease. And believe me, these can crank out some super movements like it’s NBD. Actually, it takes quite a bit to harm or break one.

5. They’re crystal clear.

I’m biased. That’s true. That being said, these are the clearest, most specific and powerful pendulum tools that I have come across. This has a lot to do with how they are made, the person that makes them and the healing connection that we share.

6. These pendulums are badass boundary holders.

Many people who work with energy have a difficult time separating self from other and tend to easily take in and internalize other people’s energy. These pendulums help to establish a clear boundary so that the energy is communicated through the pendulum presentations/movements without needing to be processed in the physical body through sensation and leading to increased possibility of internalizing.

7. They’re physical tools and they’re sacred.

They are physical objects that respond to energy and harmonize the relationship between the intellect and intuition. The mind has a much easier time staying out of the way when it knows that the pendulum will deliver through clear, consistent and tangible physical movement providing the “proof” the intellect craves to reveal energetic presentations, shifts and patterns.

8. They’re grounding.

Kind of an interesting way to relate to them but when you are working with these bad boys, it’s much easier to remain in your body, aware as an observer and allow the energy to flow. What’s happening in the energy is shown through movements, so instead of trying to figure things out with your head, you can remain grounded and present in your physical body.

AND a million other reasons but I’ll stop there. You get the point. They are NOT your typical pendulums.

Intellect vs. Intuition:

How to know which is which NOW!