Chakredy® Level 1 Training:

The Chakra Assessment


Access to all content released on 9/1
All Day Virtual Training Intesive held Monday 9/20 from 10:00 am PST - 4:00 pm PST


You are just as intuitive as anyone else. 
I used to get so frustrated with my own intuitive ways, constantly comparing and contrasting myself to others.

Why didn't I hear guides? Why couldn't I see auras?

I guess I wasn't that intuitive after all.

Little did I know that I would discover an entire system of tangible energetic communication that would unlock the intuitive abilities I've embodied all my life.

Turns out, we're all intuitive.

You and only YOU are the one that can access your deepest knowing.

Chakredy® provides a framework for you to connect with your intuitive compass and deepen into the direction it is constantly guiding you in. 
The Chakra Assessment

The Chakra Assessment is the foundation of the Chakredy® System. It is an original teaching that came through the curious application of pendulum work and intuitive discovery.

Finally, this core Chakredy® teaching is available as an independent training.

It may just be the program you've always been waiting for......

Not an imaginary methodology.
This is not your typical chakra work and the goal is not to reach some mysterious, static place of healing. 

The purpose of this work is to connect with exactly where you are. That IS the healing.

Our energy has the ability to reveal how we are relating to both our internal and external environments at all times. We tend to be so overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of information, that we disconnect from this inherent wisdom. 

Instead of imagining chakras spinning and balls of light expanding, this methodology will get you out of your head and into deep dialogue with the energy so that you can sense and experience it directly (for yourself and others).
What does Chakredy® do?
It functions as an entire system of energetic assessment and healing
Helps you identify + prioritize energetic imbalances through clear pendulum presentations
Provides your clients with tangible information + measures progress
Supports in-person and remote energy work
This transformative platform will direct your focus and connect the dots
Facilitates intuitive development
Synthesis and application of your already developed skill set (whether your background is in yoga, coaching, nutrition, medicine or meditation).

Helps your clients experience quantifiable results (and yes, we’re still talking energy)

Done for you client + practitioner materials (charts, forms, worksheets)
Takes you on a deep individual healing journey so that you can guide your clients through the same
Chakredy® Founder + Innovator

Chakredy® Founder,  Alexis Saloutos, MS, CN, holds her degrees in nutrition from Bastyr University. She has trained in numerous modalities including energy healing techniques, bodywork, muscle testing, flower essences and more.

Certified as a nutritionist with a decade long personal training career, I’ve been schooled in a profession obsessed with results. With an ability to recognize patterns and observe shifts, I’ve always sought a way to quantify progress without turning to scales and calories.

The Chakredy® System is a surprise gift I received from the universe. After years of working with a very special crystal pendulum, I recognized patterns, connecting various pendulum movements with energetic impressions along the chakras.

Four very specific presentations became apparent. These presentations led me to identify and prioritize energetic imbalances within the chakra and organ energies. By connecting these priority points, I observed dramatic and quantifiable energetic shifts. It was reproducible. I began training others.

What You'll Learn

How to identify energetic imbalances within the chakra system
You will be attuned to the 4 core presentations of the Chakredy® System, the chakra presentations. Working with these specific pendulum presentations will support deeper discovery of energetic imbalances within the system.

The spectrum of energy
We'll explore the chakra presentations as a spectrum of energy. Working with this spectrum will invite you to see the teaching that all types of energy hold. This work is not about attaining an ideal presentation. This work is about connecting with what is revealing itself and being with the information as it comes through. 

Chakra Assessments In-Person
Learn to work with the chakra assessment live and with someone in the physical, right in front of you! Maybe this is where you're already at, maybe this is where you're headed. 

How to establish a baseline and measure progress
If you are craving clear starting points for your work, the Chakredy® Chakra Assessment will provide you with exactly this a clear baseline, so you know where to begin. One you've established a baseline with your assessment, you'll learn how to gauge shifts in the energy through follow up assessments. 

How to prioritize energetic imbalances
Let's remove the guesswork. One of the most amazing parts of working with energy is allowing it to lead. You'll learn how to instruct the energy to prioritize so that you no longer have to question a starting point with a client or the tools to begin applying first. 

Chakra wheels + aspects
Each energy center governs different aspects of our energy. We'll explore each chakra wheel aspect and how each relates to the various Chakredy® presentations. 

Chakra Assessments at a Distance
One of the many amazing parts of this work is that it can be done with anyone, anywhere. If you are looking to expand a remote practice or currently work with others at a distance, this is a great methodology to support all remote work. 

A clear, tangible way to work with energy and communicate with clients
One of my own struggles with energy work has been the overall far outness of it all, rooted in more of an imaginary place that only some can access. 
Program Outline
Week 1
  • The Chakra Assessment, how this system came to be
  • Pendulum mechanics
  • Common sticky points
  • Intro to the chakras
  • The chakra presentations, in the hands
  • The chakra presentations, with your pendulum
  • Pendulums for protection
  • Get your priorities straight, energetic prioritizing
    -Demo: Chakra Assessment + Prioritization
    -Demo: Priority Presentation
Week 2
  • Intro to the chakra wheels
    -Demo: Prioritizing chakra wheel aspects
    -Demo: Comprehensive chakra assessment with priority chakra and priority wheel aspect
  • Contracted presentation: The root
  • Contracted presentation: The sacral
  • Contracted presentation: The solar plexus
  • Contracted presentation: The heart
  • Contracted presentation: The throat
  • Contracted presentation: The third eye
  • Contracted presentation: The crown
    -Energy Ethics
    -Reading vs. Perceiving
Week 3
  • Energy from front to back
  • Chaotic presentation: The root
  • Chaotic presentation: The sacral
  • Chaotic presentation: The solar plexus
  • Chaotic presentation: The heart
  • Chaotic presentation: The throat
  • Chaotic presentation: The third eye
  • Chaotic presentation: The crown
    -Demo: Front + back chakra assessment
    -Demo: Sensing chakras in the hands
Week 4
  • Open + expansive: The root
  • Open +expansive: The sacral
  • Open + expansive: The solar plexus
  • Open + expansive: The heart
  • Open + expansive: The throat
  • Open + expansive: The third eye
  • Open + expansive: The crown
  • Chakredy® Chakra Specific Archetypes
    -The Need to Fix
    -Demo: Free form assessment flow
    -Demo: Chakra anchoring set
    -Demo: Exploring connections between presentations
    -Input + Output
    -Awareness in healing, how to guide your clients back to themselves
What Peeps Have to Say
Catarina Brandao

"Put together an amazing teacher and exquisite crystal pendulums, and the result is pure magic. Chakredy® is so much more than chakras. It’s about the power of our own energy. It’s about trusting and surrendering to the magic of our own gifts, and allowing them to surface. It’s empowering and magical. Alexis is Chakredy® and I am so grateful our paths have crossed."
Caroline Dooner

​​​​​​​"Alexis knows her shit, and training with her has revolutionized my ability to work with and sense energy. Learning the chakras and grounding has been game changing. She is fun, smart, and Chakredy® is really fucking magical." 
Lisa Fraley

"Alexis gives you the exact insight and tools that you need to easily assess energy blocks in each of the chakras. Using her gorgeous crystal pendulum, Alexis teaches you how to read the energy patterns in your own body, and those of your clients, so you know which chakras need support. Alexis’ expertise as an energy healer and her warm teaching style make it so easy to learn how to do chakra assessments!"
Katie Strakosch

"Alexis is a woman who holds lifetimes of wisdom to share. Her teachings are filled with such intention, grace and presence. It is a true gift to spend time with her and learn from her. "
Elizabeth Grooms

"Before the Chakredy® Immersion, I thought magic was only for some people. Alexis taught me to see and open up to the magic already inside. "
Karolyn McKinley

"When you are with Alexis you know without a shadow of a doubt that anything is possible and that magic is what's really happening all the time! She's a true energy master, and a fantastic guide on the journey of expansion and transformation. She will open up worlds for you!"
Kristen Beeler

"Alexis and the Chakredy® System came to me at a time when I needed to believe in magic again but did not know how to access this or if it was even possible. From the first moment that I held my gorgeous pendulum in my hands and embarked upon the first lesson, I was forever transformed. Alexis and the Chakredy® System blow open the doors to an entire energetic communication system that will change the way you support yourself and the way in which you show up in the world. If you are looking for a truly gifted teacher in the field of energetics, self discovery, and connection you will not find a more dialed in and embodied guide than Alexis and her incredible system." 
Barbie Rae Young

"The Chakredy® realm that Alexis has welcomed me to has felt like coming home. With Alexis' grace, guidance and gentle encouragement, I feel like a long lost piece of myself has been recovered. Alexis' depth of knowledge, experience, generosity and authenticiTy is a gift to us all. She is a conduit for deeply magical connections with ourselves and each other, that are enriching our World. The moment I met Alexis and Chakredy® was powerfully life changing and I am eternally humbled and grateful."
Katlynn Roumeliotis

"The Chakredy® System opened the door to the energetic world for me and has gifted me with a level of guidance, creativity, and intuition that I would never have imagined. This program is grounded and accessible, visual, guided yet interpretive. Not only have I gained applicable skills, it has proved expansive in terms of what I know I can create and provide. Alexis is a true gem and working with her directly is abundant and joyful."
What's Included
1 Chakredy® Crystal Pendulum

After registration closes, you'll be matched with your magical crystal pendulum.  Alexis will connect with the Chakredy® energy to see which pendulum is most aligned with you. You will soon become close companions. The pendulum will be your primary training tool during the Immersion.
Direct Guidance + Mentorship from Alexis

During the 4 week training, you will receive direct support from me, Alexis to help you develop your mad skills and fluency in the Chakredy® Chakra Assessment. 
Chakredy® Community Connection

Private groups are held within the Chakredy® Circle Community Platform, created for Chakra Assessment Training participants. The Chakredy® community is full of kind, supportive and insightful women. We all love to deepen into the magical intuitive discovery process. 
4 Weeks of Video Content

Each week a new module will be released. The videos will include everything from explanation of concepts to live demonstration. There will be lots of visual support to go with!

*For the September 2021 Live Immersive Training Event round, you will receive access to all modules on 9/1

4 Weekly Live Calls: Ask Anything You Want

Weekly live calls will take place when the program runs live.

*Please note there will be no weekly calls held for the September 2021 Live Round-this will be replaced with an all day immersive virtual training event!

Practice Containers for Immediate Application

You'll connect with other members in the group to put your new skills to practice. This is a great way to begin establishing confidence with the Chakra Assessment. It's so much fun to connect with the energy and your new pendulum, it will be hard to stay away from the "work". 

DATES You’ll receive access to your first week of videos upon purchase of the program. Each week you’ll be provided with an email that maps out the week and gives you access to all of the content for that module. That’s 4 modules for 4 weeks.

CONTENT DELIVERY Each module contains numerous videos and downloadable PDFS (charts, suggested practices, etc). Videos are concise and direct so that you can focus on absorbing ALL of the information and applying it in a practical way, immediately!

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS You can be anywhere in the world to do this program. YES! You just need an address where the pendulum can be shipped. Don't wait until the last minute to register if you want to make sure your pendulum arrives before the program begins!

PENDULUMS Your pendulum will be mailed to you within 48 hours of your program purchase. All pendulums are custom made with Swarovski crystals and intentionally chosen for you.

COMMUNITY Once registration closes you’ll be added to the private Circle community group where you can interact with other participants. This community is dedicated to supporting your growth and transformation!
PRACTICE CIRCLES You’ll have the opportunity to work virtually with other members of the group to develop and master new concepts and skills.

WEEKLY LIVE  Q + A CALLS When the program runs live, you’ll get to ask your burning questions each week and speak directly with Alexis on live group calls. This is NOT mandatory. If you are unable to attend the call, don’t worry. It will be recorded and accessible same day.

DOWNLOADABLE MATERIALS You’ll be provided with all sorts of awesome downloadable materials, ranging from guided exercises to beautifully designed worksheets.

YOUR EXPERIENCE No prior experience is required. You can be a newbie or a pro. Chakredy® provides a platform to observe, assess and direct your tools and focus in a systematic way. It does not matter what your background is. It could be food, coaching, yoga, business. Chakredy® will teach you how to connect with energy, follow it’s lead and listen to it’s flow. It is a navigation system for your life and for your business.

You’ll be receiving a gorgeous crystal pendulum, gaining access to tons of course content and downloadable materials. As a result, there are no refunds for this program.
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