Tangible Intuition™
Coaching Program

Guiding you back to yourself

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Become a Certified Tangible Intuition™ Coach and learn how to guide individuals back to themselves.

This is the time to reclaim and RE-member who you truly are. ALL of the answers reside within. ALL of the healing is accessed from within. But how do we get there? How do we access our own inherent wisdom? And how do we help others do the same?

Tangible Intuition™ provides a body based framework to facilitate intuitive reclamation. The physical body and energy system function as a map to connect you with your own inner guidance system.

This 6 month training includes 4 months of intensive curriculum, a 2 month practicum with group coaching and case studies throughout.

Whether you are looking to take your health + healing practice to the next level or simply pull a career pivot and become a Certified Tangible™ Intuition Coach, this original teaching is here to guide you back to yourself.

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