First off, every person has different beliefs. Especially when it comes to food. In fact, the charge that food beliefs hold can be so strong and deterring it’s one of the reasons why I left the nutrition profession AND one of the reasons I believe so many practitioners become disenchanted with food.

It’s quite tiring to experience food being demonized from every angle possible. Just think, how many times have you heard that different foods are BAD or TOXIC. It can be pretty confusing because there are so many different perspectives and they all contradict one another. When you find yourself perceiving food as harmful instead of nourishing, this is something VERY important to examine.

Which leads us into this idea of defending food choices.

Can you think of a time where you caught yourself defending your food choices? Maybe you’ve found yourself explaining why you’re ON a particular diet or even excusing certain purchases at the store checkout. These are common examples of how people find themselves defending their food choices.

The thing is, you will never be making all the RIGHT food choices to EVERYONE. Why put so much pressure on yourself to please the external world? There is backlash to living that way and it often includes eating differently alone than with others. How is that healthy?

I’m not telling you to disregard the food choices that are best for you or feel most aligned with your way of living. What I want to address is that the nutritional path for each person is different.

So, how have we arrived at a place where it is socially acceptable to very obviously judge or even comment on what another person eats?

Stop Defending Your Food Choices

Projecting Your Judgement:
If this is you, being the judger, it’s time to check yourself. Just notice, where is this really coming from? Sit with it honestly. What are you judging in yourself first? What are you judging around you?

Receiving Judgement:
And if you fear being judged, ask yourself why? Why do you need to appease other people’s food based beliefs? Why do you feel you need to adjust yourself and your food choices to accommodate another person? Can you sit with where this stems from?

These can be very deep and personal connections. If you feel inspired to share associations you make below, I would love to hear them. If it doesn’t feel appropriate to share, I most definitely understand that too.

I hope that this strikes a healing chord inside you to notice how you approach your personal food choices and how you observe the choices of others.

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