Energy leaks! While they are not super fun to experience they are super fun and insightful to work with!

Ready to face the drain of your own wear and tear?

You might be surprised where it is that these leaks surface and just how far back they go.

So let’s take a deep dive in to explore the realm of the slow drain.

The Slow Drain of a Chronic Energy Leak

Energy leaks come in many forms and can originate from various areas of our energy field in response to people, places, things, thoughts, emotions.

There is so much to explore around energy leaks but today I want to speak to a type of leak that is more subtle and often goes undetected because of it’s sneaky, slow drain.

I term chronic subtle leak a worn presentation. A worn leak is one that can take years to get your attention.

They occur from wear and tear and can often manifest in response to a repetitive and toxic loop. This loop could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

I want to give you examples of each:

Physical example
You overdo it physically and have for some time. You excessively exercise and don’t listen to your body. This loop of excess and repetition creates a wear and tear from the inside out. It eventually establishes an energy leak on the physical layer. This can show up as chronic pain or a chronic physical issue in the area where the leak resides.

Mental example
You find yourself stuck in a toxic thought pattern where you are constantly over analyzing a decision around keeping or leaving your job. You think about this all of the time and do not take action but remain in the mental trap of what you should do. This creates a worn leak on the mental layer.

Emotional example
You have stifled your frustration around a behavior with your partner. Everytime you see the behavior, you experience the frustration in your body but do nothing about it to change your response. You defer back to that same emotional pattern over and over again that creates a chronic depletion over time on the emotional layer.

Spiritual example
You feel a strong pull to fully claim your purpose doing healing work in the world. As much as you know this to be true, you’re afraid of what devoting yourself to that purpose would fully entail. Denying this divine guidance creates a resistance on the spiritual layer that ultimately manifests as a chronic, worn leak.

Like all things energy and intuition, the power resides in awareness. Go ahead and take some time to connect with the chronic and subtle energy leaks that are calling for your attention now.

Write them down.
Where do they show up for you?
Who do they show up in relationship to?
What can you notice and take action to help you shift this pattern?

Commit to practicing awareness around 1 worn energy leak for an entire week.
Notice your energy level now as you connect with this leak.
Practice your awareness and take action to shift the pattern if an action is clear.
Report back to yourself 1 week later to see how your energy responds to facing this leak head on. Do you feel different after developing your awareness around this leak?


Know that while I won’t be patching up anything for you (that is your work to do!), I will be guiding you through a process to connect with the aspects of your life that are creating these leaks. The cool part is, when you can clearly identify something then you can clearly address it!

The power resides within,

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