People often express that they have a hard time trusting. Trust can be a challenging energy to connect with, especially when you’re stuck in a space of underlying chronic fear.

If you want to embrace the energy of trust within yourself and actively engage with it, I recommend working with the sacral chakra and connecting with the energetics of trust. Then you can begin to co-create with your energy system and start holding yourself intentionally in the energy of trust.

In my experience, I find it can be helpful to connect with the energetics of something specific. The sacral chakra, which is located at the pelvic region, it is   the womb—home to creativity and emotion. It governs many different energies that can range from our relationships to intimacy and so much more.

Trust is an energy that I connect with the sacral center. This energy center has a very feminine, fluid, smooth, anchored quality to it, often associated with water. When I connect with trust, I can feel it at the center of the sacral, and it feels like a holding or a container.

Feeling Trust

When you connect in with the energetics of trust, try to connect with the directionality of it and ask yourself questions about how it feels

  • Does it feel like it is centering?
  • Does it feel like it expands out in all directions and holds you in a nurturing container?
  • Does it feel like it pulls you to the front or the back?
  • How does this energy feel to you in a directional way?
  • What are some of the energetic qualities of trust?
  • Does it feel smooth?
  • Does it feel like it has an ebb and flow to it or does it feel like more of a static holding?

Once you’ve allowed yourself to be curious about trust, see if you can articulate and describe the way that it feels for you. While this may seem very simple, connecting with the energetics of something is a profound practice.


Perhaps you are finding it hard to access something through the mind and it feels hard to connect. If you mentally want to connect with trust, but you can't quite get there, turn to the rest of your physical body and see if you can drop into the energy of it.

For me, I feel like trust is an anchor at the sacral and there's a retention quality to it. Then it almost expands out in all directions to nurture, hold, and retain. I ask trust to hold me in this space, turning over any weight or burden at this energy center, and do that in all directions.

I would recommend that you sit with this.

  1. Begin to articulate the energetics of trust for yourself.
  2. See how this can connect you in with your physical body.
  3. Then practice calling upon that energy and instructing your own energy to drop into trust.

Practice this over and over and over again.

If you find yourself in a state of fear, survival mode, or a chronic state of struggle at the root chakra, you can begin to rise up to the sacral and drop into trust. Then you can radiate trust out in all directions of your physical body—in your energy—so that you can experience a greater sense of ease.


I would love to know how this resonates below. Do you have a hard time trusting? What helps you to be more embodied at the sacral chakra level?

Sacral Chakra and The Practice of Trust

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