Root Chakra Healing Intensive 2022

Gather | Deepen | Remember

The journey begins May 16, 2022


Reclaim your relationship to your body, food, nature and rhythms

The Root Chakra Healing Intensive

Shift your relationship to food, your body, nature, rhythms, movement AND your own intuition. Remembrance is activated through your connection to the natural world. 

If we are not resolving root related issues, how can we expect to rise to higher levels of consciousness?

We must address our foundations.

--This spiritual work MUST be done through the physical body--

Here is what it looks like to be struggling at the root chakra level:

  • You're locked in survival mode
  • Operate out of lack
  • Struggling with your relationship to food
  • Feel like your body is working against you
  • Not energetically present/grounded in your physical body
  • Hard to commit to rhythms and routines
  • Disconnected from the natural world
  • Lack spiritual "discipline"
  • Stuck in the mundane and don't feel fully ALIVE
  • Experience other people's pain
  • Get sucked into collective fear and panic
  • Are living in a reactionary state directed by the external
  • Feel toxic, stuck, heavy
  • Have a hard time letting go

So what does it look to shift that? Flip everything above.

An 8 Week Immersive Experience

The Root Chakra Healing Immersion is here to provide you with structure, inspiration and connection to establish strong foundations in your spiritual work, through the natural world. 

I've spent decades working with the physical body as both a personal trainer and Certified Nutritionist. In adressing physical issues, I've always sought intuitive connections. My background in movement and food is starting to surface again in a more etheric and spiritual way. Learn how to manage your energy and develop intuitive awareness through the natural world. 

What does the Root Chakra Immersion Include?

  • 8 Content Modules (light guidance and teaching around theme of the week)
  • 8 weekly group calls with specific root chakra themes
  • Dedicated community discussion on the Circle Platform
  • Recommended reads for 2 monthly book clubs (optional)
  • Access to the Tangible Intuition™ Root Chakra Course ($197 value)
  • Optional 1:1 Intuitive Mentorship at special student rate


Jeana Millwood

"Finding Alexis has been one of the sweetest gifts of my life. While my soul recognized straight away that Alexis had exceptional gifts, I didn't initially realize how beautifully normal and relatable Alexis is. There is no intimidation, no manipulation, no guru. Alexis simply and generously uses her amazing talents to guide you through your own personal version of healing and evolution."

Guided Journeys + Themes

Are you ready to explore energetics and intuition through the lens of the natural world? We can strengthen what already resides within us through our relationship to the Earth. Shift from an artificial exercise environment to nature hikes where the woods come alive. Move from prepared and processed greens to wild foraging your own salad. Learn how to communicate with plants. Activate and remember the abilities that already exist within you. And do this alongside others craving remembrance in the same way.

Themes for our journey together:

  • Establishing Your Foundation
  • Root Chakra Basics
  • Energy Mangement
  • Grounding
  • Nature Table + Ritual
  • Spiritual Discipline Through the Physical Body
  • Exploration of Rhythms and Cycles within us
  • Exploration of Rhythms and Cycles within Nature
  • Healing Your Relationship to Food Through Wildcrafting
  • Movement + The Elements
  • Intentional Energetic Exchange with the Earth
  • Working with the Hands to Heal
  • Energetic Communication with Plants
  • Making Medicine + Vibrational Remedies
  • Embodiment + Reslience

All individual mentorship and group calls will be held via Zoom. Calls will be recorded for any gatherings you are unable to attend. Group calls will be held at noon PST/3 pm EST on Thursdays.

you are seeking

  • Deep desire to connect with the natural world
  • Magic and meaning in the everyday
  • Inspiration and accountability to establishing your own rhythms
  • Ready to explore conditioning and release constructs holding you in toxic relationship to food and your body
  • Community for connection, inspiration and accountability to self
  • Confidence in harnessing your inner navigation skills
  • A space to share openly and be received openly
  • A healing container that honors individuality, autonomy and sovereignty

Madeleine Were Bussiere

"Alexis is such a gifted teacher and seems to have endless ways to teach us how to connect with the work! She holds such a beautiful, powerful and empowering space for her people. I feel very lucky to be part of it.

Connecting with the work has been powerful since day one but connecting in person at the Chakredy® Intensive was beyond words. For the energy, for the work itself, for the tribe and the connection that I could make there. The magic came true on that special day that I hold tattooed on my heart."