"Alexis is no-ego, no-dogma, and tapped into some magic shit. She has seriously opened up my world and my ability to sense and work with energy. Not only is she a truly gifted healer and teacher, but she is grounded.  If you want to learn to trust and expand your intuitive abilities, she is your girl."
Caroline Dooner

Writer + Creator of The Fuck it Diet, thefuckitdiet.com

"Alexis Saloutos is a creative magical force. Chakredy® embodies her high vibration healing energy. Her unique system identifies the root causes for energetic imbalances with integrity. I use an energetic assessment technique called Autonomic Response Testing, Chakredy® remedies test very positively and my patients love them. I was pleasantly surprised by the power of her Dreamscape blend, I had the most vivid dreams the first day I started this potent remedy. It is a joy knowing Alexis and experiencing her medicine."
Christine Schaffner, ND

Naturopathic Physician, bellafioreklinik.com

"Remember the days when you played "Let's pretend" and imagined yourself as a magical being with super powers? What if you could play like that again but THIS time you knew your powers were real? The Chakredy® work is like going to Hogwarts! Magic school for grownups who still believe that everything and anything is possible!"
Karolyn McKinley

Therapist, Alchemist + Spiritual Bushwhacker, alchemyofliving.com

“Alexis is a wonderfully authentic, mystical teacher of energy-medicine techniques perfectly primed for the shift in healing for the 21st century with her novel, divinely-inspired Chakredy® method.”
Deanna Minich, PhD

Author of Whole Detox and The Rainbow Diet, foodandspirit.com

"Alexis is a medium through which absolute teachings about energy, the universe and our dance with those things can come forward. She facilitates the possibility for us to understand how we can resonate fully as our highest selves. She is a catalyst and a master of her craft."
Molly Knight Forde

Spiritual Luminary + Founder of The Awareness School, mollyknightforde.com

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