Begin your Chakredy® Practitioner journey with the Level 1 Chakra Assessment Training. All 4 levels of the Chakredy® Framework have expanded upon this core teaching. Establish pendulum mechanics, energetic foundations and clear dialogue with this powerful tool.
Chakredy® Level 1: The Chaka Assessment
Immerse yourself in the Chakredy® Level 2 Practitioner Training and Certification. The 7 chakra system provides the structure to build upon concepts such as grounding, energetic boundaries and directionality. Develop your intuitive abilities and your energetic skill set.
Chakredy® Level 2: Practitioner Immersion
The Chakredy® Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Training focuses on identifying interferences such as generational imprinting and attachments. This deep shadow work focuses on "circuits", clearing and repatterning.
Chakredy® Level 3 Advanced Practitioner
The Chakredy® Level 4 Training is the highest level of the work. It focuses on working with the 12 Chakredy® forces, magnetism, polarities, entrainment and so much more. All Level 4 Practitioners have met extensive criteria.
Chakredy® Level 4
Enrollment is Full


The Nutrition Energetics® Level 1 Framework focused on congruence as it relates to food and body. Directionality within the chakra system is used to support tangible connection with energy and intuition.
Nutrition Energetics®
Level 1 Training
The Nutrition Energetics® Level 2 Training is intensive, focusing on spheres of influence such as imprinting, conditioning and indoctrination and =how they energetically impact relationships to the body and food.
Nutrition Energetics®
Level 2 Training