Explore the Tangible Intuition™ Courses. Connect with a structure, context and language to develop your intuition, tangibly.

This framework is based on directionality within the physical body and works with sensations and impressions as the intuitive language for each energy center. 

Tangible Intuition Courses

Liberate yourself from hindering your Truth and personal freedom by addressing Throat Chakra Dynamics, specifically Mirroring.

Mirroring at the Throat Chakra Presents as altering what you say and how you say it, reflecting others, projecting, sacrificing your truth and excessive energetic output. Learn more to support your throat chakra.

Throat Chakra Mirroring Program
Energy Camp for Kids (and their parents)
begins with the first session focused on Sensing Energy.

The 4 Week Virtual Camp Session includes 4 modules of video recordings and printable charts and activities.

Energy Camp for Kids Session 1: Sensation

Activate the heart chakra and reclaim intuition with The Chakredy® Wild Rose Flower Essence.

This journey combines a flower essence with a 6 module course where you can connect with energetic concepts specific to the remedy.

Wild Rose Healing Journey