What does it mean if my pendulum breaks?

What does it mean if I lose my pendulum?

The answer is…..it can mean anything. It can mean everything. Maybe it can also mean nothing.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a balance between making connections and trying to read too hard into something.

Does breaking your pendulum mean there’s something wrong with you? No. Ok, maybe it does. You’ll have to be the judge!

In this video I share some of the ways I relate to lost and broken pendulums.

Have fun and laugh a little!

Pendulum Suicide

A popular question over the years has been what does it mean when my pendulum breaks?

I don’t believe there is a single answer to this. It’s different for every situation.

However, I do feel that pendulums breaking and disappearing is driven by A force. Which force you might ask? It depends.

Here are some of the ways I relate to pendulums breaking or disappearing:

1. Taking a hit for the team. Sometimes a pendulum will insert itself to energetically protect or take the hit. This can manifest as a physical break. Think of this pendulum as being a bulletproof vest, sacrificing its physical form for you.

 2. Breaking ties. Sometimes a pendulum will break in response to an energetic connection that is coming to an end and the break in the physical represents an energetic separation as well.

3. Energetic breach. When pendulums are being used in a way that compromises integrity they can opt out. Maybe this manifests as a mysterious disappearance or accidental misplacement.

These are just SOME of the observations and personal connections that I’ve made of the years. Like all things energy and intuition, I encourage you to sit with this inquiry on your own. If you’ve been on the receiving end of a pendulum break or disappearance, try asking the energy, what does this mean for you?

To the mysterious breaks, disappearances and beyond,


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