Pendulum 101 Training

Welcome to this FREE Pendulum 101 Video Series! Pendulums function as physical tools to facilitate sacred dialogue between your own intuitive knowing and source energy. They are fun, insightful and magical!

Let's get this pendulum party started!!

Pendulum Series Intro

Let's begin with a little pendulum intro.

Ground + Connect

Before you even pick up a pendulum, you want to make sure you are grounded in your physical body!

Pendulum Mechanics

How to hold a pendulum and best support sustainable body mechanics for pendulum work.

Clear Instruction

Clear pendulum movements are rooted in clear instruction. Providing clear instruction means that you need to be clear in your own energy. NOT PERFECT. NOT PURE. Clear instruction.

Allow + Observe

To support the clearest connection possible with your pendulum bring your awareness to allowing and observing.

Common Sticky Points

Identify common sticky points within the energy so that you can strengthen your connection with your pendulum.

Perceiving vs. Predicting

Notice whether your pendulum related inquiries are rooted in the energy of curiosity/perceiving or futuristic/prediction energy.

Pendulum Care

How to care for your pendulum so that it is able to maintain it's natural set point and clarity.

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