Nutrition Interference: Mini Video Series

Check out this video mini series to get a feel for my approach to nutrition. It's unconventional and explores the energetic dynamics of how we relate to food and our bodies.

You're a Prisoner of Other People's Beliefs

First, it's important to identify where other people's energy and beliefs may be impacting your own health, healing and HAPPINESS.

Nutrition Interference: Blocks

We are all blocked by certain things in life. Blocks can impact behaviors and patterns that play an essential role in our well being. Learn about where you might be experiencing food related blocks.

Positive + Negative Beliefs

Oppositional pulls such as "positive" and "negative" invite us to live dynamically at the center of our lives in relationship with these dualities. Learning how to identify the energetics of a "positive" and "negative" beliefs can be very helpful in healing connections with food.

Belief vs Judgement

There is a very clear energetic distinction between belief and judgement. Let's explore how you can feel these distinctions in your body to support the way in which you navigate food related aspects of your life.

Nutrition Interference: Leaks

Energy leaks relate specifically to your mental loops around food and your body. Today we're diving into what those feel like in your body and how to identify them to work with them directly. Once you can clearly connect with a leak, it becomes much easier to work with it!

Stop Defending Your Food Choices

Do you find yourself defending your food choices? If so, this message is for you and it's an important one to optimizing physical body nourishment and healing across levels and layers of your system.

Intellect vs. Intuition:

How to know which is which NOW!