This time of year can surface a lot of stuff, especially around food.

Learn how food related thoughts may be contributing to your energy leaks, leaving you anxious and depleted. 

What are energy leaks?

Leaks can be perceived as holes in the energy field and range in severity and can be both acute or chronic. Leaks tend to yield an overall sense of depletion and indicate that energetic boundaries are a priority.

How a leak might be experienced:

Energetics of a leak:
-immediate lack of energy
-Lack of motivation
-no boundary
-stuck in the head

Applying this to Food
Leaks can easily surface with chronic dieting, a chronic dysfunctional relationship with food. Think of how much mental bandwidth gets used up when you’re thinking about food, what to eat, then after you ate something, dwelling on it.

Nutrition Interference: Leaks

Go ahead and connect with a food focused thought that you suspect you’re experiencing as an energy leak.

What is it? How does it make you feel? Is it something that feels more acute or more chronic? Can you connect it with something specific? A particular origin?

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