We are blocked by our own beliefs. Straight up. ESPECIALLY when it comes to food.

Let’s look at how energy blocks relate specifically to nutrition.

Blocks are one of the 6 interferences we work with in the Advanced Chakredy® Training. Today let’s first address what energy block is.

An energy block is often experienced as a blindspot or a wall that prevents you from seeing or experiencing something. Blocks can be tricky to connect with because their nature is to block.

Nutrition Interference: Blocks

How a block is experienced:
-Inability to access or see a pattern/behavior
-Stuck in a cycle

Energetics of a Block:
-bump up or push up against
-Resistance to something/I’m pushing up against
-Resistance from something/something pushing up against me

Applying this to Food
Do you have blocks around specific foods, certain foods that you resist or that you experience that barrier to? List them out. Can you connect with how these blocks might be tied in with a specific block?

You feel blocked on cooking meals for yourself. When you cook for others, meal ideas come effortlessly. When it’s just you, you’re stumped, feel blocked and of course ultimately, hungry.

How does this block affect you in your daily life?

Can you connect a belief in with this block?

An example would be:
“It’s hard to cook for myself when I don’t have anyone to share a meal with.”

Can you connect with where this block might originate from? Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and see what insight comes through.

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