Nutrition Energetics™: Energetic Dynamics of Nourishment + Healing

---Training begins late 2019--- 4 Month Intensive | 12 Module Training

The Big Problem

We get so caught up in the noise of what other people tell us is “good” for us, that we lose sight of our own internal compass, our most basic, fundamental knowing becomes confused and disconnected. Our bodies are inherently intuitive, so resisting this embedded pull and guidance, leads to deep and chronic struggle. A return to the body’s wisdom is a spiritual practice. It asks for us to live in the gray and non-linear. Inner wisdom is not guided by numbers and other people’s research. Facts don’t heal. Your body is the field work, your case study, your map. This is not denial of science. Science is rooted in inquiry and your deepest, personal knowing comes from your deepest, personal inquiry. Basing food choices and health practices on another person’s direction, is not adhering to your own body’s truth. The work, the grit, is in the quest to discover what wisdom and guidance YOUR body holds. The willingness to explore this spectrum can take you to your edges. It demands that you be courageous and practice trust.

A Serious Solution with a Dose of Magic

Often, we don’t realize that we’re holding ourselves prisoner within the constructs of other people’s beliefs and judgements. Ultimately, devotion to your own inner landscape holds the key to true liberation. Nutrition Energetics™ provides a context for you to place your intuitive impressions and develop a language around energy, sensation, food, and your body's wisdom. It supports congruence amongst all levels of the body, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This program does not subscribe to any particular way of eating. It will challenge you to dynamically live at the center of your own life and body, to fully experience the joy and healing potential of being present in this physical form and to release the toxic attachments, beliefs and behaviors you may be harboring within yourself and towards others.

What is Nutrition Energetics™?

Beneath physical symptoms, the body holds deep insight. We often search for these messages and then blame ourselves when we arrive at some type of connection. Nutrition Energetics™ uses the Chakredy® Framework to inquire, observe and apply energetic insight with compassion for yourself and others. How often have you sensed that there is something much deeper at the surface of a physical issue or nutritional challenge? This training provides language and techniques to address dynamics of nourishment and energetic functionality across body systems, fields, chakras and organs. You will work with a special crystal pendulum as the primary tool for assessment and healing techniques. Nutrition Energetics™ is an AMAZING compliment to any background in muscle testing, nutrition therapy and health coaching. *No previous experience is required.

What's Included?

1 Chakredy® Crystal Pendulum

After registration closes, you'll be matched with your magical crystal pendulum. Alexis will connect with the Chakredy® energy to see which pendulum is most aligned with you. You will soon become close companions. The pendulum will be your primary training tool.

Direct Guidance + Mentorship from Alexis

During the 12 week training, you will receive direct support from me, Alexis, to help you develop confidence and skill in Nutrition Energetics concepts.

Chakredy® Community Connection

There will be a private Facebook Group for Nutrition Energetics™ Students. The Chakredy® community is full of kind, supportive and insightful women. We all love to deepen into the magical intuitive discovery process.

12 Weeks of Video Content

Each week a new module will be released. The videos will include everything from explanation of concepts to live demonstration. Some weeks will be more heavily weighted in field work and case studies. There will be lots of visual support to go with!

8 Weekly Live Calls: Ask Anything You Want

8 weekly live calls will take place when the program runs in late 2019. Calls will most likely be held on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 11 am PST/1 pm EST.

Practice Containers for Immediate Application

You'll connect with other members in the group to put your new skills to practice. This is a great way to begin exercising your new Nutrition Energetics™ muscles. It's so much fun to connect with the energy and your new pendulum, it will be hard to stay away from the "work".

Nutrition Energetics™ Outline

*Please note this outline is most definitely subject to change!

Module 1: Getting busy with magic

How to connect Pendulums are serious business Pendulum Mechanics Common Hangups Pendulums for protection Get Your priorities straight Sensing energy in the hands Nutrition Energetics Presentations

Module 2: Knowing Where You’re At

Knowing where you are, heals Identifying your food + body bias A diet is not an identity Your food judgements Detecting shreds of the diet mentality Reading vs. perceiving Projecting your judgements onto others Ready to go beyond the facts? Removing yourself from the noise

Module 3: Archetypes

The Purist The Restrictor The Binger The Depriver The Denier The Hyper Sensitive The Trender The Saboteur The Perfectionist The Yoyoer

Module 4: Harm vs. Heal

Identifying a harmful mind Identifying harmful behaviors Identifying harmful patterns Identifying a healing mind Food + body blindspots Food + body triggers Identifying healing behaviors Identifying healing patterns From identifying to integration

Module 5: Intuitive Language

Reorienting yourself Your intuitive centers Connecting through sensation Sensation = information Creating your intuitive landscape Words to match your impressions

Module 6: Physical Form

Inhabiting your physical body All the ways you’re NOT in your body Ungrounded presentations Tangible embodiment You must be in your body to heal Beyond the physical If you learn something, learn this

Module 7: Energy Bodies + Fields

We are energy Interferences to healing Physical interference Mental interference Emotional interference Spiritual interference Physical healing Mental healing Emotional healing Spiritual healing

Module 8: The Chakras

Energy centers as an interface for healing Why chakras matter Sensing chakra energy Food + Body Root Wheel Food + Body Sacral Wheel Food + Body Solar Plexus Wheel Food + Body Heart Wheel Food + Body Throat Wheel Food + Body Third Eye Wheel Food + Body Crown Wheel

Module 9: System Energetics

Direct dialogue with systems Pendulum presentations Comprehensive System Assessment Energetic Charting Energetic dynamics between systems System layering

Module 10: Physical Body Systems

Energetic communication within systems Immune System Lymphatic System Endocrine System Reproductive System Special Senses + Sinuses Cardiovascular System Digestive System Respiratory System Brain + Nervous System Urinary System Cells + Tissues

Module 11: Organ + Gland Energetics

Fixed energy in organs and glands Harboring unresolved energy Organ + gland assessment Imbalanced and balanced states Generational healing 2 Pointing Crystal allies Enhancing healing with magic minerals

Module 12: Energetic Patterns

Chakra patterns Common interferences to flow: Chakras Energy field patterns Common interferences to flow: Energy field layers Body system patterns Common interferences to flow: Body systems Organ and gland patterns Common interferences to flow: Organs and glands

Not Your Typical Pendulum: 8 Reasons Why

Let's talk about pendulums. Specifically, WHY Chakredy® pendulums? Here are a few things that set this pendulum work apart: 1. Different pendulums do different things. The level 1+2 training works with an assessment pendulum. This is the go-to worker bee that helps to identify and prioritize energetic imbalances within the chakra system and organ energies. In the level 3 advanced work, the clearing pendulum addresses interferences and supports energy clearing and what’s termed “circuit” work. We also use a gorgeous, very special, vary magical healing pendulum that supports container creation and energetic repatterning. 2. They’re Chakredy® field specific. These babies are intentionally created and attuned to work within the Chakredy® field of assessment and healing. Think of it like speaking a consistent pendulum language. The pendulums are extensions of the Chakredy® field and bridge this wisdom with the higher consciousness of the person directly engaging with the field. 3. Different Movements mean different things. Over the years, specific pendulum movements have been revealed to communicate specific things in the energy. For example, there are 4 core presentations within the chakra assessment, the pendulum will move in one of these four specific ways to communicate how the energy is presenting within that center. 4. They’re built to work. These pendulums are built to work hard. They have been handcrafted to be held comfortably, optimize energy flow with their magnificent hand hammered copper tops and move with fluidity and ease. And believe me, these can crank out some super movements like it’s NBD. Actually, it takes quite a bit to harm or break one. 5. They’re crystal clear. I’m biased. That’s true. That being said, these are the clearest, most specific and powerful pendulum tools that I have come across. This has a lot to do with how they are made, the person that makes them and the healing connection that we share. 6. These pendulums are badass boundary holders. Many people who work with energy have a difficult time separating self from other and tend to easily take in and internalize other people’s energy. These pendulums help to establish a clear boundary so that the energy is communicated through the pendulum presentations/movements without needing to be processed in the physical body through sensation and leading to increased possibility of internalizing. 7. They’re physical tools and they’re sacred. They are physical objects that respond to energy and harmonize the relationship between the intellect and intuition. The mind has a much easier time staying out of the way when it knows that the pendulum will deliver through clear, consistent and tangible physical movement providing the “proof” the intellect craves to reveal energetic presentations, shifts and patterns. 8. They’re grounding. Kind of an interesting way to relate to them but when you are working with these bad boys, it’s much easier to remain in your body, aware as an observer and allow the energy to flow. What’s happening in the energy is shown through movements, so instead of trying to figure things out with your head, you can remain grounded and present in your physical body. AND a million other reasons but I’ll stop there. You get the point. They are NOT your typical pendulums. Which is exactly why we'll be working with them in Nutrition Energetics.

About Your Guide

Our bodies are own own greatest teachers. This experience and training are intended to guide you back to yourself, to establish a context and language for your own inherent, intuitive wisdom.

About Alexis

Alexis Saloutos, MS, CN Chakredy® Founder, Alexis Saloutos, MS, CN, holds her degrees in nutrition from Bastyr University. She has trained in numerous modalities including energy healing techniques, bodywork, muscle testing, flower essences and more. Certified as a nutritionist with a decade long personal training career, I’ve been schooled in a profession obsessed with results. With an ability to recognize patterns and observe shifts, I’ve always sought a way to quantify progress without turning to scales and calories. The Chakredy® System is a surprise gift I received from the universe. After years of working with a very special crystal pendulum, I recognized patterns, connecting various pendulum movements with energetic impressions along the chakras. Four very specific presentations became apparent. These presentations led me to identify and prioritize energetic imbalances within the chakra and organ energies. By connecting these priority points, I observed dramatic and quantifiable energetic shifts. It was reproducible. I began training others.

Credentials and Things

  • 1997-2001-Mentored by Colleen Fisher and Olivia Carrey in movement
  • 2000-2003-Lived off and on in Greece
  • 2003-ACSM Certification Personal Training
  • 2004-NASM Certification Personal Training
  • 2005-Licensed Massage Therapist, Brenneke School of Massage
  • 2004-2006-Bachelor of Science Nutrition, Bastyr University
  • 2007-Opened The Shop Agora | Mediterranean Specialty Food + Wine Shop on Phinney Ridge, Seattle
  • 2010-2012 Master of Science in Nutrition, Bastyr University
  • 2011-Opened The Shop Agora location on Capitol Hill, Seattle
  • 2011-2012 Thesis research alongside Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD and Christine Schaffner, ND
  • 2012-Certified Nutritionist, Washington State
  • 2012-Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

  • 2012-Established my private practice in Fremont, Seattle
  • 2012-2013-Practicing Clinical Nutritionist at Sophia Health Institute, Woodinville, WA
  • 2014-Chakredy® was born!
  • 2015-First Virtual Training in the Chakredy® System launched
  • 2016-Began Certifying Chakredy® Practitioners
  • 2016-Chakredy® Advanced Training born (now level 3!)
  • 2018-First certification round of for Advanced Level 3 Students
  • 2018-Sound Healer Training with Irene Ingalls
  • 2018-First round of Level 4!!
  • 2018-Birth of Nutrition Energetics!!
  • Additional Training in:

  • Autonomic Response Testing
  • Applied Psychoneurbiology
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Craniosacral
  • Back Flower Remedies
  • Zyto Biocommunication
  • Sound Healing, Level 1-Seattle Sound Temple

What People Have to Say

Barbie Rae Young

"The Chakredy® realm that Alexis has welcomed me to has felt like coming home. With Alexis' grace, guidance and gentle encouragement, I feel like a long lost piece of myself has been recovered. Alexis' depth of knowledge, experience, generosity and authenticiTy is a gift to us all. She is a conduit for deeply magical connections with ourselves and each other, that are enriching our World. The moment I met Alexis and Chakredy® was powerfully life changing and I am eternally humbled and grateful."

Kristen Beeler

"From the first moment that I held my gorgeous pendulum in my hands and embarked upon the first lesson, I was forever transformed. Alexis and the Chakredy® System blow open the doors to an entire energetic communication system that will change the way you support yourself and the way in which you show up in the world. If you are looking for a truly gifted teacher in the field of energetics, self discovery, and connection you will not find a more dialed in and embodied guide than Alexis and her incredible system."

Madeleine Wera-Bussiere

"Alexis is such a gifted teacher and seems to have endless ways to teach us how to connect with the work! She holds such a beautiful, powerful and empowering space for her people. I feel very lucky to be part of it. Connecting with the work has been powerful since day one but connecting in person at the Chakredy® Intensive was beyond words. For the energy, for the work itself, for the tribe and the connection that I could make there. The magic came true on that special day that I hold tattooed on my heart."

Katlynn Roumeliotis

"The Chakredy® System opened the door to the energetic world for me and has gifted me with a level of guidance, creativity, and intuition that I would never have imagined. This program is grounded and accessible, visual, guided yet interpretive. Not only have I gained applicable skills, it has proved expansive in terms of what I know I can create and provide. Alexis is a true gem and working with her directly is abundant and joyful."

I will never forget the moment that I was lead to Alexis and this extraordinary practice. That moment altered the course of my life and unveiled a calling and a purpose that ignites my heart and spirit daily. I am eternally grateful, humbled and honored to be a part of the Chakredy® realm of energetic healing that Alexis has sacredly nourished."

Nutrition Energetics® Registration

enter the realm.