Nutrition Energetics®

Level 2 Practitioner Training + Certification

Level 2 Enrollment open for self-study

Energetics + Nutrition

Set Your Practice Apart: Integrate Energetics + Intuition into Your Nutrition Practice
Nutrition Energetics® will provide you with the information, techniques and tools to work with energy and intuition professionally, all within the context of food + body. 

Nutrition based work is SO much more than meal plans. It's SO much more than WHAT you eat.

Addressing physical level sustenance is just one piece of nutrition. Addressing the energetic dynamics of nourishment AND the interference to experiencing nourishment is an entirely different beast. It is one that involves energetic awareness and intuitive development. 

The Nutrition Energetics® Framework provides language, context and techniques to explore these dynamics in depth.

This practitioner training serves as a bridge from the nutrition world into the realm of energetics and intuition. It is practical, tangible AND magical.

The Big Problem

We get so caught up in the noise of what other people tell us is “good” for us, that we lose sight of our own internal compass, our most basic, fundamental knowing becomes confused and disconnected.

Our bodies are inherently intuitive, so resisting this embedded pull and guidance, leads to deep and chronic struggle.

A return to the body’s wisdom is a spiritual practice. It asks for us to live in the gray and non-linear. Inner wisdom is not guided by numbers and other people’s research.


Your body is the field work, your case study, your map. This is not denial of science. Science is rooted in inquiry. AND your deepest, personal knowing comes from your deepest, personal inquiry.

Basing food choices and health practices on another person’s direction, is not adhering to your own body’s truth. The work, the grit, is in the quest to discover what wisdom and guidance YOUR body holds. The willingness to explore this spectrum can take you to your edges. It demands that you be courageous and practice trust.

About Alexis

If you've arrived at the second level of this work, then you already have a feel for what this training entails.

I'm thrilled to take you on a food + body journey that will help you sift out the age-old beliefs, behaviors and patterns that keep you locked into a cycle that prevents you from fully embracing your potential.

Nutrition Energetics® Level 2 Training Outline

Check out the outline for this 8 week virtual training intensive.

Module 1

1.0 Welcome + Intro
1.1 Pendulum 1: Identifier
1.2 Pendulum 2: Disruptor
1.3 Pendulum 3: Releaser
1.4 Infuser 4: Infuser
1.5 Form Reveals Function
1.6 Reverence for The Work
1.7 Establishing a Critical Lens
1.8 Your Central Line + Directional Awareness
1.9 Biofield Layers
1.10 Chakra Cycles + Timelines
1.11 Spheres of Influence
1.12 The Great Deception

Module 2

2.1 Directional Flow
2.1a Directional Flow Map
2.2 Directional Aspects vs. Directional Flow
2.3 Root: Directional Flow
2.4 Types of Distortion
2.5 Interruption Presentation
2.6 Altered Presentation
2.7 Severed Presentation
2.8 Root: Distorted Flow + Processing
2.9 Root Sphere of Influence: Imprinting
2.10 Root Wheel Aspects and Directed Awareness + Consciousness

Module 3

3.1 Congruence: Etymology + Symbology
3.2 Direct + Indirect Relationships
3.3. Points of Convergence
3.4 Sacral: Distorted Flow + Processing
3.5 Sacral Sphere of Influence: Conditioning
3.6a Sacral Wheel Aspects
3.6b Sacral Wheel Aspects + Conditioning
3.7 The Feminine Circuit
3.8 Neutrality as a Gateway
3.9 Exploring Sequencing
3.10 Let the Issue Lead

Module 4

4.1 Inside Out
4.2 Dark and Light
4.3 Influence as Interference
4.4 Discernment: Chakra Based Intuition
4.5 Recognizing Energetics of SOI
4.6 Remedy Revealed Through Direction
4.7 Disruption Sequence
4.8 Solar Plexus: Distorted Flow + Processing
4.9 Solar Plexus Sphere of Influence: Indoctrination
4.10 Solar Plexus Wheel Aspects

Module 5

5.1 The Great Neutralizer
5.2 Heart Chakra Scale: Acidic + Alkaline Energetics
5.3 Anatomical Healing
5.4 Discrepancy Overlay + Disruption
5.5 Transformation Presentation: Phase 1
5.6 Transformation Presentation: Phase 2
5.7 Blessed Body: Gratitude + Blessings
5.8 Heart Chakra: Distorted Flow + Processing
5.9 Heart Chakra Sphere of Influence: Disorientation
5.10 Heart Chakra Wheel Aspects

Module 6

6.1 Exploring Your Voice
6.2 Mirror + Reflections
6.3 Authentic Transparency
6.4 Food Freedom
6.5 The Body Based Quest for Truth
6.6 Energetic Liberation
6.7 Infusing + Directed Energy
6.8 Infuser Presentation
6.9 Throat Chakra: Distorted Flow + Processing
6.10 Throat Chakra Sphere of Influence: Deception
6.11 Throat Chakra Wheel Aspects

Module 7

7.1 Identifying Mental Constructs
7.2 The Energetics of Belief
7.3 Positive + Negative Beliefs
7.4 Belief vs Judgement
7.5 You’re a Prisoner of Other People’s Beliefs
7.6 Accessing Food + Body Neutrality
7.7 Healing Sequence for Food + Body Constructs
7.8 Third Eye Chakra: Distorted Flow + Processing
7.9 Third Eye Chakra Sphere of Influence: Construct
7.10 Third Eye Chakra Wheel Aspects

Module 8

8.1 Your Consciousness Creates Reality
8.2 Spiritual Warfare
8.3 Directing Energy
8.4 Have Faith in the Process
8.5 Embodied Light Through Consciousness
8.6 Chakra Activation
8.7 Crown Chakra: Distorted Flow + Processing
8.8 Crown Chakra Sphere of Influence: Limitation
8.9 Crown Wheel Aspects
8.10 Demo: Testing Congruence and Interpretation Across Centers
8.11 Demo: Testing Distortion and Interpretation
8.12 Demo: Integrating Inform, Deform, Transform, Reform
8.13 Demo: Interpretation of Results


There will be a minimum of a 3 month certification window after the live round of this practitioner training concludes. Certification consists of written and video submission as well as an exit interview with Alexis. With lifetime access to the training, you will have the ability to certify during any live round.

What's included with Level 2?

3 Chakredy® Crystal Pendulums

After registration closes, you'll be matched with your magical crystal pendulums. There are 3 for the second level of this work. Each pendulum has a different purpose. These are stunning!

Direct Guidance + Mentorship from Alexis

During this 8 module training, we'll dive into the depths of all things energetics + nutrition. It is my absolute joy to teach this work and support you in the process.

Chakredy® Community Connection

There will be a private Facebook Group for Nutrition Energetics® Level 2 Students. The Chakredy® community is full of kind, supportive and insightful people. We all love to deepen into the magical intuitive discovery process.

8 Weeks of Video Content

Modules will be released weekly (with a 2 week integration period in the middle). The videos will include everything from explanation of concepts to live demonstration. Lots of visual support to go with!

8 Weekly Live Calls: Ask Anything You Want

8 weekly live calls will take place when the program begins. Level 2 will begin 9/21/20. Don't miss the very first round! Calls will be held on Thursdays at 11 am PST/1 pm EST.

Practice Containers for Immediate Application

You'll connect with other members in the group to put your new skills to practice. This is a great way to begin exercising your new Nutrition Energetics® muscles. It's so much fun to connect with the energy and your new pendulum.

Intellect vs. Intuition:

How to know which is which NOW!