If you’ve ever found yourself interrupting another person repeatedly in conversation without really wanting to, it could be due to nervousness created from energetic aspects of being tongue-tied at the throat chakra.

Perhaps something uncomfortable or unsettling happened, or maybe you just can't put your finger on why, but there's something there and you find yourself oddly interrupting the person speaking.

This experience can be a very specific way in which your throat chakra is communicating to you intuitively.

Intuition works in such a way that you can be responding to energy within you, while also possibly responding to energy outside of you that you come into contact with through another person or in a particular environment.

When you interrupt someone out of nervousness, this action can be showing you something to pay attention to within the particular dynamic.

It’s one way in which you may be experiencing a chaotic presentation of throat chakra intuition. So I group interruption out of nervousness with the particular intuitive indicator of being tongue-tied or experiencing voice fluctuation. Because it does hold a chaotic energy as well.

I invite you to connect with a time where maybe you have experienced this or you've even been on the receiving end of this. When you connect with the experience, what else do you associate with it?

Do your best to give this as much language as you can. The more you start to really articulate something, the easier it will become to refer to this information going forward.

I would love to know more about your experience.

Throat Chakra Not Speaking : Perception of Being a Good Listener

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