Here's an inside look into our week homeschooling and homesteading.

I'm sharing this part of my journey because it is part of my own healing and spiritual growth. I've surrendered to a major piece of my spiritual calling. My north node work and effort in this lifetime is in my 6th house and Cancer. Ruled by Virgo, my efforting is connected with nurture, the home, daily rhythm and organization. Bringing in a creative, nature based homeschool on our growing homestead is the ultimate expression of my North Node. It is healing so much. My spirit is being ignited in a way that has made me feel so alive. It's like I've found a way to incorporate Chakredy® into my family! Here is my photo diary for the week. I hope it inspires you!

Our Week in Photo

  •  Favorite homeschool photos this week
  • Outdoor adventures in the heat wave to Wildcat Lake, Finnriver Cidery and North Beach in Port Townsend
  • Flower essence making
  • Cherry Picking + Birthday Cherry Crumble Celebrations
  • Oregano and Lavender (the tiniest amount!) Harvest

Favorite Homeschool Photos This Week

This was my very first week of homeschool success! I canot describe the joy and fulfillment I experienced with this completion! Not to mention the happiness of my oldest to have devoted time to her learning, creativity and enrichment. We are using the second grade Waldorf curriculum through Lavender's Blue Homeschool and loving it! This week we covered animal legends and then I decided to go into a recap of the calendar, months of the year, how many days in a month and put my own spin on it. Suddenly I was tying it in with astrology and the beginning of the year being March/Aries marking Spring. We talked through seasons and cycles and how the solstices and the equinoxes help mark these shifts. It was wonderful!

My big girl started guitar lessons and picked up her knitting again with some special yarn my husband brought back from Polyface Farms. If you're in the homesteading world-you know how exciting that trip was:)



Let's see....I should state first that as part of our Summer homeschool rhythm, Fridays are an outdoor adventure day. Last Friday we hit up Wildcat Cat Lake, where my dad offered some swim lessons for the big girl and the little one and I did swings and slides at the park. Then we ventured off to Finnriver Cidery as the heat wave intensified. From there we decided to go agate hunting in Port Townsend. However, our timing was not aligned with the tides.  We had fun and can't wait to venture back again soon!




These are some pics that go back beyond this week but wanted to include them anyway. Have had a most magical time communing with the flowers, wildcrafting flower essences and dreaming forward all of the ways in which healing can happen. This has helped me connect with the incredible abundance all around and has ignited great creavity and inspiration.



While it hit 110 around these parts early in the week, we still manage to do a family cherry picking evening. The bees were bearding from the heat. Days later I made a cherry crumble to celebrate my mom's birthday. Great times!



I harvested the sweetest little amount of lavendar and a solid amount of oregano during the peak day of the heat wave. by 8 am I was sweating. Felt so accomplished for the day and look forward to our dried end result!



I hope to connect with the words over time to communicate how powerful the experience homeschooling and homesteading is. Until then, maybe it can be experienced through these images.

What are you inspired to connect with more deeply? To learn and to create? Let. me know below!

Intuitive Mentorship

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