Intuition Circle 2022

Gather | Deepen | Remember

The journey begins 2.22.22


get in direct dialogue with your own Spirit

Have you had enough?

Is your energy maxed out from holding it all together? If you're like me, you've walked the periphery for most of your life and didn't realize to what degree until 2020.

You've spent the past two years in deep observation, putting all of your tools to practice and are looking for that comprehensive THING to bring it ALL together. What is that thing? Well, I'm here to tell you that it's your intuition.


You are intuitive. You don't question this. But you know there are connections longing to be made. While you hold the light and seek the truth, you are fully aware of the spectrum AND you are willing to see the darkness for what it is.

The bypassing has been shocking. Maybe you didn't expect this. People you sought guidance from before don't feel aligned now, you notice prevalent disconnect in Spirit. Relationships have dissolved and everything has changed. That feeling in your stomach is crystal clear, you MUST prepare.

You feel an urgency to get strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It comes through more frequently now.

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

You have visions of getting your hands in the dirt, growing food, communicating with plants. Something so natural and ancient has been activated. and you're ready to pursue it.

You can no longer deny what is happening. This is your Spirit coming through. You're being guided. And with full body chills, DISCERNMENT is the word that resonates. This is what you must learn to harness and fully embody on your own, within yourself, as a sovereign being.

Am I coming through yet?

What about those sensations running through your body? Some days are full of highs. You feel hopeful, optimistic and excited about the future. Then you get triggered and the matrix sucks you back in. That crushing sensation in your chest starts to build and as it moves up your throat, it's almost suffocating.

How can I know this in such detail? Because, like you, I am being called in that same direction, into the deep, inner realm. To REmember and reclaim, fully.

One thing feels certain, the time to get off the roller coaster is now. You are no longer willing to base your inner experience off of the outside world. Stability and steadiness are generated from within. You're ready to invest your hope, trust and faith where it belongs and that is within you. In your direct connection to your own Spirit and Source Creation.

It's an inside game now.

So. Are you ready to harness your abilities and disengage from the insanity?

Then it's time to go all in.

Heal through remembrance + intuitive reclamation

We’ve been conditioned to believe that everything relies on our doing and that we have to think our way through it all. That's a great set up to trap you in the mind. 

What if the shifts, openings, and healing happen through an UNLOCKING? The Intuition Circle presents many keys to help you unlock intuitive pathways in order to establish a clear, direct dialogue with your own Spirit. 

Developing your intuition is not an attainment of something new. It is a process of REMEMBERING. In order to remember, you must release the layers that interfere with this dialogue. There are the many things that lead you outside of yourself for permission, validation and guidance. They mislead and deceive by conditioning you out of relationship with your intuition. This is typically done by providing a false sense of security and seducing the ego. 

Here are some of the many ways we are conditioned away from our intuition:

  • Taught to rely on every type of expert outside of your own self. 
  • Look outwardly towards authority for permission, instead of inwardly towards your own authority.
  • Others tell you that what you're experiencing is not true
  • All value placed on intellect (reinforced through academia, society, peers, family)
  • Trained to override natural cycles such as the menstrual cycle. Discouraged from embracing what these cycles surface (often rest, receptivity and slowing down (this is a form of overriding the feminine essence)
  • Disconnection from nature (basic skills lost such as connecting with plants, growing food, survival) 
  • Demonizing food, stripping it down to isolated nutrients and presenting diets and confusion around basic food connections interferes with one of our foundational intuitive relationships-the one we have with food
  • Positioned at war with self. All of the reasons why your body isn't right (you don't have to look far for this type of external influence)
  • Harmful EMFs have an impact on the etheric and physical bodies

The list continues. These are just some examples of how we are conditioned out of relationship with our intuition and that reconnecting with this innate ability involves a reclamation and remembering process.


What does the Intuition Circle Entail?

This immersive healing and learning experience will be a 4 month guided immersion to remember and reclaim your meta abilities. We will focus on specific areas of the energy centers as anchor points for our journey together.

  • 3 Group Calls per month (this will include teachings, interactive workshops, surprise guests, and of course, deep discussion (think 1 hour weekly call committment)
  • 1 Individual Mentorship Call with Alexis per month to sharpen intuitive abilities and cover individual areas of interest
  • 7 Chakra Intuition Course Bundle (valued at $1997)
  • Remembrance Took Kit (this is a surprise set of tools to support your intuitive development and enhance your energetic abilities that you will receive once the Circle begins)
  • Access to exclusive Intuition Circle content (call recordings, workshops and all other digital materials)
  • Circle Community Platform (our online community forum for communication)
  • We will explore a variety of areas. To give you an idea, some of these areas will include dream share and incubation, the exploration of spell-ing and how it binds us to various programs, an optional parasite cleanse, addressing the shadow realm and so much more. I'm bringing the goods. Big time!

All individual mentorship and group calls will be held via Zoom. Calls will be recorded for any gatherings you are unable to attend. Call days and times will be determined once registration is closed to best accommodate the group.

In-Person Retreat

There will be an option to gather in the physical at the end of our Circle (this cost is not included and will be determined upon retreat location.

you are seeking

  • Guidance to connect with your intuitive abilities
  • Support to stay centered in love, compassion and unity
  • Accountability to your spiritual growth through individual mentorship and community connection
  • A comprehensive teaching to explore intuitive development


  • Mentorship for individualized direction
  • Community for connection, inspiration, motivation and a deep sense of belonging
  • Confidence in harnessing your inner navigation skills
  • A space to share openly and be received openly
  • A healing container that honors individuality, autonomy and sovereignty

Work with me

Remember and reclaim who you truly are

You are your own greatest guide

Jeana Millwood

"Finding Alexis has been one of the sweetest gifts of my life. While my soul recognized straight away that Alexis had exceptional gifts, I didn't initially realize how beautifully normal and relatable Alexis is. There is no intimidation, no manipulation, no guru. Alexis simply and generously uses her amazing talents to guide you through your own personal version of healing and evolution."

Madeleine Were Bussiere

"Alexis is such a gifted teacher and seems to have endless ways to teach us how to connect with the work! She holds such a beautiful, powerful and empowering space for her people. I feel very lucky to be part of it.

Connecting with the work has been powerful since day one but connecting in person at the Chakredy® Intensive was beyond words. For the energy, for the work itself, for the tribe and the connection that I could make there. The magic came true on that special day that I hold tattooed on my heart."

Intellect vs. Intuition:

How to know which is which NOW!