Intuition Bootcamp
Learn to trust your intuition once and for all! 
This is an on-demand virtual training
How many times can you look back on a situation and see clear as day that you had an inkling.

You knew something was off.

AND you overrode it.
It's exhausting and overwhelming to constantly second guess yourself.
Intuition is often conveyed as illusive, vague, and worst of all, boring. 

That couldn't be further from the truth.
Intuition is tangible.
Join me for the coolest Intuition Bootcamp EVER.

I will guide you through the 7 chakras as a framework to place intuitive impressions that come through each center. 

*Pendulums are not included with this program

8 modules are released over 8 days. Each module consists of about 8-10 videos between 3-7 minutes each
Module 1
  • Welcome
  • Discernment vs. Judgement
  • Intuitive Override
  • Structure is Necessary
  • Practice and Tangible 
  • Beyond Spinning Balls of Light
  • Navigating the Subtleties
  • Intuitive Indicators
    -Your Dominant Discernment Center
    -Where Are You Hindering Your Intuition?
    -Where are You Honoring Your Intuition?
    -Not as Simple as Yes/No
    -Your Intuition Library
Modules 2-8
  • Brief intro to the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra
  • Root Chakra Indicators 
  • Sacral Chakra Indicators
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Indicators
  • Heart Chakra Indicators
  • Throat Chakra Indicat
  • Third Eye Chakra Indicato
  • Crown Chakra Indicators

    -Downloadable charts are provided with each module
    -Suggested practices with each module

You’ll receive access to all content 12/21/17 when the program is released. 
CONTENT DELIVERY Each module contains numerous videos and downloadable PDFS (charts, suggested practices, etc). Videos are concise and direct so that you can focus on absorbing ALL of the information and applying it in a practical way, immediately!
REFUNDS There are no refunds for this program.
DOWNLOADABLE MATERIALS You’ll be provided with all sorts of awesome downloadable materials, ranging from guided exercises to beautifully designed worksheets. 
YOUR EXPERIENCE No prior experience is required. This course is for those looking to expand their energetic awareness, deepen into their intuitive abilities and enhance their discernment. You can be a total newbie or a pro. 
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