As someone who teaches other people to develop their intuitive abilities, I often witness the intellect being referred to with disregard, deep frustration and even hostility. I get it. When we’ve been trained to highly develop one aspect of ourselves and then struggle to access and strengthen the other, it makes sense that conflict would arise.

One of the coolest things about working with Chakredy® is that it functions to integrate the intellect with the intuition. It has been amazing to witness the profound healing that happens when we begin to work with both. Why not initiate that healing process today?

People get really stuck trying to discern a thought from an intuitive impression. Well, in this video I share one of the most effective ways I’ve learned to work with exactly this. Let’s talk about the energetic difference between the intellect and the intuition, so that you can know which is which!

Wishing all sorts of exciting connections for you!

Today we are talking about Intellect vs. Intuition which is a massive topic in itself. In fact, In the energy world, people often feel they have to claim one or the other. We do not have to pick sides. In fact, our intuitive abilities become refined skills when we can apply our intellect and our intellectual process is supported when we allow our intuition to flow.

So how do we know which one is talking? How many times have you heard someone say, just trust your gut, follow your intuition, listen to that voice inside….?? Ok but what does that really mean??!!

Over the years I have been asked this question by many people:

How do I discern the difference between my intellect and my intuition?

I’ve found the response that tends to land the most often lies in learning how to discern the energetic difference between the two. So that’s what we are going to do in this video.

As with anything, I can only share things from my perspective, so this is how I relate to the energies of the intellect and intuition which are both housed by the third eye energy center, located right between your eyebrows:

Bouncy swirly
Moves in circles
Always trying to connect the dots
Forward feeling

You may notice that when you are stuck in the mind, that the front of your head is almost buzzing. This can be a great indicator, that yes, you are in the intellect

Often enters through back and side of third eye
Grounded focus
Softness to it
Sense of peace

Notice the next time an intuitive impression comes through for you. How does it land and how do you feel in your body when it happens. It can be something that is relatively simple or profound. Acknowledge it either way.

Here’s the deal:
People can get derailed trying to discern a thought from an intuitive impression, which, guess what? Further locks you into the mind and prevents intuitive information from flowing freely and clearly. Notice if this is you now trying to grasp the concepts I’ve just shared. If so, pause, take a breath and bring your awareness and attention to how it feels for you to connect with the intellect and how it feels for you to connect with your intuition. Allow yourself to sense it and experience it in your body.

Can you connect any of the qualities mentioned with the intellect? Can you connect some of these qualities with the intuition? Write those down. What stands out to you and pay attention to where you get stuck.

When you can discern the energetic difference between the intellect and the intuition, it is much easier to work with these dynamic forces in harmony because we need both. While a harmonious relationship between the intellect and intuition does not necessarily make life EASIER, it can help you navigate daily life and those big time challenges with a greater sense of trust and ease.

For the love of it all,

Fun observation: Many highly intellectual people present as third eye dominant intuitively. If you want to see which energy center (aka chakra) is your dominant discernment center, check out my free quiz HERE.

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