Level 2: Chakredy® Immersion
Practitioner Training + Certification

Prerequisites: Level 1
You're too sensitive. 

 If you’re anything like me, that’s a phrase you definitely grew up with. Sensitivity, supposedly your greatest gift, can take you down faster than ANYTHING. It can spin you into overwhelm, anxiety and fatigue. That is, when you don’t know what to do with it.

In 8 weeks I’m going to teach you what’s taken me a lifetime of personal, professional and academic experience to process and synthesize.  You’ll be provided with the information, tools and support to stay clear in your field, identify + prioritize energetic imbalances (in yourself and others) and work professionally with energy in your business.
You struggle with some (or all) of this
It's hard to stay grounded and often notice you’re not present in your physical body.
You override and second guess what you’re perceiving
It’s hard for you to set and maintain clear energetic boundaries. 
You take on other people’s stuff and often internalize it
Being bombarded by energetic information has either made you so sensitive that you struggle with overwhelm and depletion or you’ve desensitized yourself so much you feel disconnected from your abilities and intuition
Witnessing other people’s suffering makes your heart hurt. You feel the pain in your physical body and it’s hard to recover from it.
It’s tough to put words to what you’re sensing
Getting caught in toxic thought loops interferes with your intuition
You’ve struggled with discernment, especially in the energetic realms
Fear arises when you consider opening up to energy
What you want to experience
The ability to ground yourself and remain grounded
Healing on the physical and energetic levels
Exposure to the energetic realms that feels grounded and safe

Connection with community for energetic and spiritual support

The ability to establish and maintain clear energetic boundaries
To cultivate sensitivity without internalizing what you perceive
Clear, consistent, tangible and reproducible ways to engage with energy
Tools to grow your business in the magic department for increased prosperity and happiness
Mad pendulum skills (this is not boring yes/no pendulum work)
Insight, guidance and compassionate feedback from me, Alexis
Increased awareness and understanding of the energy system and energy healing
Release of energetic holding patterns that keep you stuck, unhealthy and unhappy
The energetic vocabulary to express what you’re sensing
The ability to assess and prioritize energetic imbalances
Deepening in energetic discernment

Energy healing techniques that are powerful, direct and gentle

Magic. Straight up magic.
It's Me! Alexis.

It's me again, Alexis. If you are considering Level 2, that means that you have moved through Level 1. Eep! Yay!

By now, you know that Chakredy® is something seriously magical.

One of the greatest opportunities and ultimate honor of my life is to share this information with you. 

Know, that this indeed will be a healing experience. As we learn the tools to support others, we must also deepen into the inner world and work that is calling our attention. 

I look forward to journeying with you in this way!

This is just the beginning.....


Connecting with your intuition is like learning a language. Most of us don’t grow up with a context to place intuitive impressions.  We often move through life second guessing the signs and signals along the way, only to find that the knowing was there all along.  

Program Deets

The level 2 training uses the same precious crystal pendulum that you received for the Level 1 Chakra Assessment Training. 

Going through the Chakredy® Immersion is no doubt a healing experience full of transformation, growth and magic. A deeply supportive part of this journey is to connect with others who are just as excited for energetic information and connection as you are! The online community is open year-round and is most active during live rounds of the program

Group practice will be strongly encouraged  so that you can put your new tools to practice right away! Applying concepts with the support of other students can help solidify information. There is nothing like doing the work to truly develop an ability into a skill. The Chakredy® community  is a safe, encouraging and insightful collective.  While members are most active during live rounds, most students are always willing to practice!

During the live training rounds, Alexis will provide you with consistent support and focus to get the most out of your experience. This training will be an opportunity to receive feedback around connection with the Chakredy® System and work flow from Alexis directly. You will be delighted by the engagement of the group and support offered by other students.

Content for this training is released weekly. This is not your regular old video course. Videos are kept short and sweet so that your attention can be held and your new found skills can be put to practice immediately!

Weekly live calls are a great way to connect with other members of the group and ask Alexis questions about content and application directly. If you can't make the call times, know that all calls are recorded and you can submit questions that you would like to have answered prior to the call.  Calls are held during live rounds of the program!

There will be several guest appearances throughout the program. Some teachings may include dream healing, shadow work and barriers to physical healing. Each round is different! The guest teacher schedule will be released when the program runs live!

One of the most exciting parts of this program is all of the fun visual support. Beautiful charts and forms are provided each week to support exploration of material. These are not your typical PDFS. 
Program Outline
Week 1:
The System
Guided Attunement
Crash Course: 7 Chakras in the Hands
Crash Course: Organ Energies
Energy Field Fundamentals and Layers
Not Your Average Pendulum Review
Organ Assessment: Balanced and Imbalanced States
Get Your Priorities Straight: Prioritizing Chakra + Organ Energies
Advanced Chakra + Organ Assessments
How to Shift Shit
New Pendulum Presentations
Sensation Presentations: Part 1
Sensation Presentations: Part 2
Sensation Presentations: Part 3
Heads up on Healing Grids
Week 2:
The Root
The 4 Presentations of the Root
Chakredy® Healing Grid: The Root
Ungrounded States
Are You Grounded For Real?
Grounding and Clearing Your Space
Connect with Your Peeps and Find Your Tribe
Reel it in. Keeping Your Energetic Shit in Check.
Awareness and Intention. Your New Best Friends.
Running Energy
Grounding Tools Cheat Sheet
Respect for the Spectrum. Acknowledging the Light and Shadow Aspects of Energy
Week 3:
The Sacral
The 4 Presentations of the Sacral Chakra
Chakredy® Healing Grid: The Sacral
Boundaries. Seriously, It's About Time.
Field Maintenance. How to Stay Expansive.
Trusting Your Impressions. For Real.
Shame and Blame Game
Releasing Intuitive Insecurity
Courage. Discover Your Energetic Cojones
Masculine and Feminine Circuits
The Magic of Energy Leaks
Week 4:
The Solar Plexus

The 4 Presentations of the Solar Plexus
Chakredy® Healing Grid: The Solar Plexus
Solar Plexus Sensitivity
Gut Vulnerability
Energetic Depletion Overhaul
Hypersensitivity is NOT the Goal
Solar Plexus Tug O' War, It's Time to Reclaim Your Power
Owning It. Yes, Owning It.
Staying Centered with Unwavering Strength
Week 5:
The Heart

The 4 Presentations of the Heart
Chakredy® Healing Grid: The Heart
Your Compass. Your Heart
From Empathic Heartache to Compassionate Freedom
Holding Space
Empathy vs. Compassion
The Empathic Divide
Your Timeline as a Sensitive, Revealing the Superpower You've Always Had.
Cultivating Sensitivity as Your Greatest Strength
Stop Jumping Into Other People's Shit. Staying Centered in Your Heart
The Giving Line. Put a Stop to Selfless Generosity
Gratitude as Your Guarantee for Success. Your Opening and Closing Ceremony.
Mixed Messages. Decoding Heart Navigation.

Week 6:
The Throat

The 4 Presentations of the Throat
Chakredy® Healing Grid: The Throat
The Sensitive's Signature, The Throat Chakra Squeeze
The Second + Fifth Chakra Healing Connection
Take Note, Where Are Your Dying to Express Yourself?
Transforming Trapped Energy Into Freedom of Expression
Lessons on How to Surrender. No, to Actually Surrender This Time.
Don't Be An Energy Weirdo, Lessons in Energetic Communication
Throat Chakra Intuition
Throat Chakra Dominance
Week 7:
The Third Eye

The 4 Presentations of the Third Eye
Chakredy® Healing Grid: The Third Eye
Intellect vs. Intuition
Energy is Not a Linear Equation
Intuitive Filtering in 5 Steps
Discernment. A Necessity for Greatness
Capturing and Utilizing Dream States
You Can't Force Clarity
Stop! Call a Truce with the Toxic Thought Wheel
Make Killer Recommendations That Will Make You Seem Crazy Intuitive, Which You Already Are!
Working with Guides, Ancestors, Animals and Light Beings
The Light Helper Grid. Who is Showing up?

Week 8:
The Crown

The 4 Presentations of the Crown
Chakredy® Healing Grid: The Crown
Nurturing Your Connection with Spirit
Crown Chakra Deviation
Tuning Into Downloads
Prepare for Download Not for Take off!
The Upper Energy High
Aligning with Your Purpose
Crown Resistance
Transcending Upper Limits
Signs and Synchronicity
Week 9: 
Bonus Week

Special bonuses will remain a surprise until the very end! 

*Please note that bonus week is posted during LIVE rounds of this training
What Chakredy® Peeps Have to Say
Lisa Fraley

"Alexis gives you the exact insight and tools that you need to easily assess energy blocks in each of the chakras. Using her gorgeous crystal pendulum, Alexis teaches you how to read the energy patterns in your own body, and those of your clients, so you know which chakras need support. Alexis’ expertise as an energy healer and her warm teaching style make it so easy to learn how to do chakra assessments!"
Catarina Brandao

"Put together an amazing teacher and exquisite crystal pendulums, and the result is pure magic. Chakredy® is so much more than chakras. It’s about the power of our own energy. It’s about trusting and surrendering to the magic of our own gifts, and allowing them to surface. It’s empowering and magical. Alexis is Chakredy® and I am so grateful our paths have crossed."
Caroline Dooner

​​​​​​​"Alexis knows her shit, and training with her has revolutionized my ability to work with and sense energy. Learning the chakras and grounding has been game changing. She is fun, smart, and Chakredy® is really fucking magical." 
Kristen Beeler

"Alexis and the Chakredy® System came to me at a time when I needed to believe in magic again but did not know how to access this or if it was even possible. From the first moment that I held my gorgeous pendulum in my hands and embarked upon the first lesson, I was forever transformed. Alexis and the Chakredy® System blow open the doors to an entire energetic communication system that will change the way you support yourself and the way in which you show up in the world. If you are looking for a truly gifted teacher in the field of energetics, self discovery, and connection you will not find a more dialed in and embodied guide than Alexis and her incredible system." 
Barbie Rae Young

"The Chakredy® realm that Alexis has welcomed me to has felt like coming home. With Alexis' grace, guidance and gentle encouragement, I feel like a long lost piece of myself has been recovered. Alexis' depth of knowledge, experience, generosity and authenticiTy is a gift to us all. She is a conduit for deeply magical connections with ourselves and each other, that are enriching our World. The moment I met Alexis and Chakredy® was powerfully life changing and I am eternally humbled and grateful."
Katlynn Roumeliotis

"The Chakredy® System opened the door to the energetic world for me and has gifted me with a level of guidance, creativity, and intuition that I would never have imagined. This program is grounded and accessible, visual, guided yet interpretive. Not only have I gained applicable skills, it has proved expansive in terms of what I know I can create and provide. Alexis is a true gem and working with her directly is abundant and joyful."
Katie Strakosch

"Alexis is a woman who holds lifetimes of wisdom to share. Her teachings are filled with such intention, grace and presence. It is a true gift to spend time with her and learn from her. "
Elizabeth Grooms

"Before the Chakredy® Immersion, I thought magic was only for some people. Alexis taught me to see and open up to the magic already inside. "
Karolyn McKinley

"When you are with Alexis you know without a shadow of a doubt that anything is possible and that magic is what's really happening all the time! She's a true energy master, and a fantastic guide on the journey of expansion and transformation. She will open up worlds for you!"

Each participant will have the opportunity to become Chakredy® certified upon completion of this program. The certification process is optional. There will be a window in which you can become certified during each live round of the program. This will include completion of all course content, demonstration of competency with each module, an exit exam with Alexis and a live virtual graduation ceremony. There will be many additional benefits to becoming Chakredy® certified such as being listed in the practitioner directory,  practitioner only continuing education AND exclusive discounts. The certification will be available for you to attain during all live rounds of the program.

You’ll receive access to your first week of videos upon purchase of the automated version of this program. When this training runs live, you will be provided with an email each Monday that maps out the week and gives you access to all of the week’s content. That’s 8 modules in 8 weeks.

Each module contains 8-12 sections of videos and downloadable PDFS (charts, suggested practices, etc). If this seems like a lot, don’t worry, it’s totally doable and you will NOT get bored! Videos are concise and direct so that you can focus on absorbing ALL of the information and applying it in a practical way, immediately!

You can be anywhere in the world to do this program. YES! You just need an address where the pendulum can be shipped.

You have already received the pendulum for this training through the Chakra Assessment Level 1 Training. 
Upon purchase of this training, you can join the private Facebook group where you can interact with other participants. This community is dedicated to supporting your growth and transformation!

You’ll be receiving a gorgeous crystal pendulum, gaining access to tons of course content and downloadable materials. As a result, there are no refunds for this program.

 You’ll have the opportunity to work virtually with other members of the group to develop and master new concepts and skills.

Alexis will be available in the Facebook group daily to respond to your questions and posts. This will be a great way to interact with other participants and receive direct insight and support from Alexis. Alexis is available year-round to support you in the FB Group and will provide daily guidance during live rounds of this training.

In order to deepen into your new skillset there will be weekly demonstration videos to support your immediate application of the work. 

You’ll get to ask your burning questions each week and speak directly with Alexis on live group calls. This is NOT mandatory. If you are unable to attend the call, don’t worry. It will be recorded and accessible same day. Live Calls will be held on Tuesdays at 11:00 am PST/1:00 pm EST when the program runs live.
There will be several hour long calls with Immersion guest teachers (during the live rounds). This will be a live, fun and casual conversation, with plenty of time for questions. 
You’ll be provided with all sorts of awesome downloadable materials, ranging from guided exercises to beautifully designed worksheets. Charts for yourself, forms for clients, you name it!

It is required that you have completed all of the Level 1 Chakra Assessment Training work!

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