Times of crisis can make us feel stress, anxiety, and a sensation of being off-center. If this has been your experience, you may be wondering what you can do to stay centered.

Whenever you feel off-kilter, shifting back into an energetically centered state in your physical body allows you to maintain your footing, get grounded, and feel safer. This is especially true when you are feeling like external circumstances and things around you are creating stress, whether it be subtle or extreme. 

Maybe there's some type of chronic stressor in your immediate environment with your family or a personal situation. Or maybe it’s more of a generalized stressor—something that feels stressful to you on a greater collective level. The stress that affects you during times of crisis can range from something that just worries you all the time to something that feels like an acute crisis or threat. 

No matter the source of your stress, staying centered all comes back to awareness and energy. You are the center of your own biofield or sphere of energy. And when you can connect with where your energy is, in your own body, within your own energy field, this gives you the ability to use your awareness as a tool to bring your energy into center. 

We can connect this in with every single chakra and work with being centered at each of the centers. And we can work with centering ourselves on a larger scale within our entire energy body. 

Directional Awareness

Working with directionality is powerful when it comes to energetics. Notice if you feel like your energy is pulled in a particular direction. Various pushes and pulls in certain directions can communicate different things on an energetic level. (And it’s fun to work with!)

See if you can notice where your energy primarily resides —

  • Front: Is it in the front? Do you feel like you are dominating at the front of your energy body? 
  • Back: Do you feel like you pull back, retract, or withhold, possibly associating your energy with being at the back of your body? 
  • Top: Do you feel like you tend to hang out up in your head? Does your energy feel like it's at the top? Is your energy even above your physical body? 
  • Bottom: Do you feel really dense or heavy, like your energy experiences more of a sense of dread, possibly connecting with the lower part of your body? 

These are four different directional aspects that we can connect with—the front, back, top, and bottom—to see where it is that our energy primarily resides at any moment. 

If you can connect with this, then you have the ability to reclaim those pushes and pulls—to reclaim parts of you that may be dispersed in various directions—and anchor them back into your center. 


This is an opportunity and an invitation to work with directional energetic dynamics in a very engaging way and to bring enthusiasm to it, even if (and especially when) you are going through a challenging time. 

  1. Notice where your energy is primarily residing. Is it dominating in the front or the back or the top or the bottom of your body? 
  2. Once you connect with that, try to engage the oppositional pole. If your energy is predominantly at the front, and you are projecting forward heavily in your energy, can you engage the back? Can you bring your awareness to the back of your body or energy field? If you feel like you are dominating at the top of your energy, can you engage the bottom? Can you ground?
  3. Visualize a rope and start to pull the rope back to where the energy becomes more centered. This is a way to bring your energy back to the center of yourself. 

Working with directionality is a dynamic practice because energy is never static and things are always in flow or flux. It's not that you attain the awareness that your energy is at the front of you, and then you never have to deal with it again. When we can approach this from that place of awareness, then it becomes something that we can practice all of the time. 

The idea is to actively bring your energy into the center of your body by engaging the oppositional pole. This will allow you to start to center that line of energy. I find going through directional dynamics to be so empowering, and I hope you do too.


I would love to know if you connect with a particular directional aspect. Which one feels like it's the area where your energy predominantly resides?

How to Stay Centered During Times of Crisis

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