Have you ever felt stuck in survival mode, wondering how you would ever get out? You can start by connecting with survival mode on an energetic level. Your power resides in the ability to recognize the state of being in survival, so awareness is key to getting unstuck from this mode.


When you are in an acute survival state, you may experience something like an intense adrenaline rush, making it pretty obvious to you that that's the state you're in. But when you're in more of a chronic state of survival, it may be keeping you locked into the root chakra, and what is going on may not feel as obvious. Not knowing may keep you locked into a chronic underlying sense of fear.

If we look at the energetics of what survival mode is, it’s really an expression of your energy not being in your physical body.

When you are in a survival state—a chronic state of stress and fear—your energy and your awareness are not inhabiting your physical form, or at least not fully inhabiting your physical form. This means that you are not embodied in your physical body, which can present as an unrooting of lower energy.

By noticing when you get into a state of fear, and you feel fear at the root of what's going on with you, you may also feel your energy start to rise up from the lower energy centers. When this happens, there can be a tendency to begin to project forward. So there's a snapping up feeling as the energy rises and starts to disconnect.

At this point, your energy may even pop out of your body through the crown chakra. It may also start to project forward and take on a quality of grasping on—to something else, or someone else, outside of you.

This quality of grasping on may be easily perceived and picked up on by the people around you. And when there is a sense of desperation and grasping at the front of the energy, it often shifts into something like hooking into other people. This is a primal energy of survival.

Overall, in survival mode, there’s a desire to pop out of the body, along with an intense fear or a general unsafe feeling that's associated with it.

When you are held in a chronic state of fear and survival, it makes you vulnerable to all sorts of things. When we cannot get past the root chakra, we are unable to rise up to see anything else that's going on in the higher energy centers.

If we're going to shift into a space of operating from love, unity, awareness, and kindness, we must address the root chakra. We must also address where it is that this chronic underlying stress may be impacting our lives and our energy and our physical body.

The physical is connected with the energetic, so it helps to work with the presentation of survival mode. We can begin to heal what's happening at the root so we can then shift up and rise up to higher energetic levels.


The first step in shifting out of survival mode is to recognize what your energy is doing when you're in this state.

If you can connect with your root chakra energy as it is starting to snap up, pop out of your body, project forward, and begin grasping, you can be aware that it’s time to do something different.

  1. Identify when you feel like you’re grasping at others to try and stay afloat, then work backwards.
  2. Where does this happen? What situations, environments and people do you find yourself doing this with?
  3. Once you can connect with that point of projection, graspiness or hovering above your body, you can backtrack to ground your energy into the root.
  4. Direct your focus towards something that brings you a sense of peace, love or calm.
  5. Practice over and over again.

Awareness is essential in creating a space to buffer or separate you from what is happening so that you can shift what is going on in your inner experience.


I would love to know how this resonates below. Do you find yourself in a chronic state of survival mode? What helps you to be more embodied at the root chakra level?

How to Get Out of Survival Mode

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