Let's talk about how fear can hijack your energy.

Think about fear on a spectrum. There are some things that create a subtle sense of fear and some that create an extreme sense of fear.

While something that creates an extreme sense of fear is likely to shoot you into an acute, energetic response, things that are more chronic have a more subtle connection with fear.

Try to think of something that would create a very clear and extreme sense of fear in you, and look at how that can impact you on an energetic level.


Fear and Energy

If you get really fearful about something, what can happen is your energy shoots up through the top of your body. It's almost like there's a suction that happens as the energy gets taken up and out through the crown chakra.

What we know about energy is that when your energy is not fully inhabited in your physical body, it creates vulnerability within your system for opportunistic energy. So if you get hijacked by fear, which essentially sucks your personal energy out through the crown, then you are wide open for all sorts of other stuff.

The best thing you can do if you start to feel that stirring inside of you—like you're going into a state of being fearful— is to work with claiming your energy and declaring sovereignty in your body.



This practice may feel a bit counterintuitive at first. You are working with holding your energy at the center and in all directions at the center of your body and grounding down. It may really challenge you, especially if you start to feel that energy rise in a panicky way.

  1. Locate Your Energy:
    If you feel like your energy is starting to rise up, as if it's going to be suctioned up and out, get a hold of wherever your energy is. You may feel it at the throat and your voice may start to get shaky. At this point, the energy is just ramping up and starting to go up and out. See if you can connect with where you experience the most sensation and then start to bring it down.

    First notice where your energy is so that you don't get to a place of being completely out of your body and freaked out, and you will be able to call your energy back in and down before you get to that place.

  2. Connect With Your Energy:
    To do this, it can be helpful to make physical contact with your body. So if you feel like your energy is starting to get suctioned up and out, and you connect with a throat chakra and experience a connection of sensation there, then bring your hands to this part of the body and start to breathe into this space.

    I like to get dialed into specifics. Chakredy has shown me the power in working with energy is to connect with something specific so that you can direct your awareness and bring light to a specific area. You are directing your consciousness to a particular part of your body and a particular part of your energy.

    Notice where it is that you feel. You can connect with sensation as your energy starts to rise up. And then acknowledge it. If you feel like you've already experienced the suction of your energy through the crown and your energy is already in that hover presentation above your body, then connect with it wherever it is.

  3. Embody Your Energy:
    The most important thing you can do to protect your energy is to be in your body.

    Connect with the energy, bit by bit, through each energy center and call it back down. When you’ve connected, hold the energy, and start to instruct and direct the energy back down.

    Bring in the tools that support you, give you a sense of groundedness, and focus on the physical body, along the various points of the energy system—the energy centers.

    Breath with the awareness that you have everything you need to be in your body, to stay in your body, and to to declare your sovereignty as a being so that you're not feeling completely taken over by fear.

This is a practice that requires effort and discipline. There are many times in life that will challenge this practice; it can be incredibly hard to stay in your body when you are fearful. It's something that you work with actively and repeatedly, with effort, over time. But, eventually, you will be able to do it with a greater sense of ease.

Know that the greatest protection that you have is for your energy to be in your physical body, and for your awareness to fully inhabit your physical form.

You have the power and you have everything within you to do this.



I would love to know from you below if you feel like sharing. Can you articulate how you experience intense energy of fear? How do you connect this with being in or out of your body? What do you experience in your body?

I am sending you my greatest support on the path forward to feeling safe, secure, embodied, at ease, and at peace.

How Fear Hijack Your Energy

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