Anxiety can be experienced across 3 primary energy centers. When you can place information in a way that can be processed and communicated, you are less likely to override the information coming through. The solar plexus, heart and third eye chakras are the 3 energy centers where anxiety is most often experienced. 

Solar Plexus Chakra: Anxiety is experienced through sensation at the stomach. This may be a pit in the stomach, a nervous fluttering energy or ful on overwhelm at this part of the body. 


Heart Chakra: Anxiety may experienced as tension or even a crushing sensation at the chest, heart palpitations and much more. 


Third Eye Chakra: Anxiety may be experienced as thought loops, a fixed energy at the front of the head. Locking into thought patterns and feeling unable to escape the mental field is one way anxiety can be experienced at this energy center. 


How Anxiety is Experienced at 3 Energy Centers

Where do you experience anxiety most? What specific sensations do you experience?

Practice: Notice where you experience anxiety most

What sensations do you primarily eperience? Where do you experience this? Get very specific and articulate (write down if you can!) what comes through for you. 


If you feel so inspired, please share below. It is always helpful to learn from one another. It helps us all make sense of our own experience as intuitive and highly perceptive beings.