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Ready for some bad ass free trainings? I've done my best to create content that rocks. All freebies are intended to support energetic awareness and intuitive development.

Make sure to take advantage of these real deal goods.

Pendulum 101 Training

Maybe you've been curious about pendulums for a while. Maybe you've figured they are boring predictive yes/no tools. I relate to pendulums in an unconventional way and perceive them as powerful tools to bridge the seen and unseen worlds.

Intuitive Override Training

How many times have you looked back on a situation to see that your intuition was throwing signals at you all along? Our bodies are dialed into our inherent knowing. In this 7 day training, I take you through the chakra system to connect with different sensations associated with each energy center. Discover the language of your intuition and how it manifests in your physical body!

5 Day Energy Training Intensive

Build your energetic context! In 5 days I'll teach you how to sense various energies in the hands and apply these sensations practically. Get my FREE 5 Day Energy Training Intensive and up your energetic game!

Turns out, we're all intuitive.

You and only YOU are the one that can access your deepest knowing.

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