Chakredy® Flower Essences

in Professional Practice

Live Day Intensive

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Chakredy® Flower Essences: How to Work with Energetic Remedies in a Healing Practice

  • Discover the powerful healing qualities of Flower Essences (what they are and how they work)
  • Connect with the energetic qualities of the expanding Chakredy® Flower Essence Line
  • Learn which energy center each remedy supports
  • Connect with energetic concepts and practices to enhance results from flower essences
  • Establish an energetic baseline for tangible shifts
  • Identify and prioritize energetic imbalances with a pendulum
  • Energetically test for remedy resonance (how to select a remedy that best supports your client)
  • Client resources for flower essence incorporation (energetic practices for awareness and healing)

 *Test Kits sold separately

This course is designed for practitioners wanting to incorporate flower remedies to support their clients on an energetic level. You will learn the basic framework for the flower essences, how to work with them and how to identify the most resonant remedy for each client. You will also learn energetic concepts connected with each remedy to better support your client's involvement in their own healing practice. 















Are you looking to expand your energetic tool kit?

This course provides a structure to test for energetic priorities and implement the Chakredy® Flower Essences that can best support underlying energetic issues.

Whether you are a Chakredy® Practitioner, use muscle testing in clinical practice or are simply interested in working with flower essences for personal use, this course can benefit you and those you work with.


Flower essences work in gentle yet profound ways. These remedies have been brought forth to support the massive spiritual awakening happening on Earth right now. As we each step into our spiritual alignments, deep challenges can arise. The beautiful frequency medicine offered from these flowers have powerful support to offer.


Let's get to work!


Wildcrafted Flower Essences

Hi! I'm Chakredy® Founder, Alexis Saloutos. I was first introduced to flower essence making back in 2010 at Bastyr. My eyes were opened to all of the ways in which nature communicates its ability to heal.

With the energies forcing me (all of us) inward, I began an active dialogue with the land we live on. An intentional conversation sparked with trees, plants and flowers. Some of the messages have been profound. Some have been rather surprising! I look forward to sharing insights from these exchanges as well as offering simple ways to incorporate these remedies into every day life and clinical practice.

Connecting with the flowers has activated something intuitive within, something that transcends this time and space. We all have this ability-to communicate with the beauty and wisdom of the Earth. For she resides within us and us within her. We are a fractal of the whole. An entire universe lives inside of our being.

Working with the flowers has made me feel so alive in parts of my life where I've experienced intense resistance for YEARS. So much more to share. Until then, I invite you to visit the growing flower essence collection here.

What's Included

*This outline is subject to change-Chakredy® is always evolving!


1. Healing Qualities of Flower Essences

  • What are flower essences?
  • How do flower essences work?
  • An introduction to Chakredy® Vibrational Remedies

2. Principles of the first 12 Chakredy® Flower Remedies

  • Direct dialogue with the flowers
  • What each remedy strengthens + dissipates
  • Healing messages from each flower

3. Chakra Specific Support

  • Chakra System Crash Course
  • Energetic Layers + The Biofield
  • Remedy index + chakra specific support

4. Prioritize Energetic Imbalances

  • Pendulum Basics
  • Prioritize Energetic Imbalances with a Pendulum
  • Test for energetic imbalances across chakras, organs, body systems and biofield

5. Establish an Energetic Baseline for Tangible Shifts

  • Protocol flow
  • Balanced + Imbalanced States
  • Client Check-in Sheets

6. Remedy Resonance

  • How to select remedies that best support your client
  • Pendulum Testing Demos
  • In-person and remote testing

7. Client Resources

  • Remedy specific exercises for energetic awareness and healing
  • Product sheet downloads to explain remedies and how to work with each one

8. Practitioner Resources

  • Remedies are designed to implement with muscle testing structure for seamless integration
  • Establish a wholesale practitioner account with Chakredy® Vibrational Remedies or become a remedy affiliate
  • How to bridge the energetic with the physical in practice using Chakredy® Remedies

Get Your Flower Essence Test Kit!

If you are located in the U.S. you can have your complimentary Flower Essence Test Kit shipped to you upon purchase of this program. You will receive a link to order your kit once registered. 


A few important things to note:

-This is not a flower essence making course (there are many great resources to learn how to make flower essences)

-Pendulums are NOT included with this course. If you are interested in working with a Chakredy® Pendulum and the pendulum mechanics unique to this framework, please visit the Pendulum Masterclass of the Chakredy Level 1 Chakra Assessment Training.

-You do not have to be a healing practitioner or a Chakredy® Practioner to take this course

-This course does not teach the Chakredy® Methodology. Please refer to Practitioner Trainings for more information if you are interested in becoming a Chakredy® Certified Practitioner