Anxiety can be experienced across 3 primary energy centers.

When you can place information in a way that can be There is an important energetic difference between FEELING energy and SENSING energy, especially when it comes to the Solar Plexus.

The Solar Plexus Energy Center informs you of what you are experiencing within your own individual energy and what you are experiencing within any given environment. This chakra helps you discern self from other.

When you FEEL other energy, this can be an energetic process of projecting into other energy fields and bringing these energies back into your own energy and body for processing.

When you SENSE other energy, you stand in your individual energy and PERCEIVE other energy without bringing it into your body.

When you feel energy in your body you are much more likely to internalize other energies and become depleted.

Learn how to manage your energy and step into your power!

Feeling vs. Sensing Energy at The Solar Plexus

Where do you notice yourself feeling energy more than sensing? What do you observe? Share any insights below!